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Schools are about to break up around this time of the year. You may have accumulated leaves, and may be eager to spend quality time with your loved ones on a nice holiday. Unfortunately till now you may not have taken any action on this.


Fortunately it is not too late to find a good last minute holiday deal. Here is how you can get a good bargain while booking at the last minute.

Many travel businesses would be under pressure to sell as much as possible for the flights and accommodation they are left with. This definitely works to your advantage; because they offer you heavy discounts.

It is advisable to begin by checking reputed tour operators and villa agents. Of course you will find many all over Europe. You will find many advertisements promising you savings. Be a little skeptical about the savings ads. When there are many discounts, a message like “Save 30 percent”, can be misleading.

Percentage discounts make sense only when they represent savings on a stable pricing system. Many package holidays are not priced in a stable way. Their cost varies from day to day depending on how much they are making. The price they advertise on their communications is usually the upper limit. Keep this in mind while negotiating for a deal.

Since you are booking late, you should be flexible when it comes to destination. It is a good idea to look at different destinations. Make price comparisons as broad as possible. You will find really wonderful locations in countries like Greece, Spain and Portugal for immensely attractive prices. Be open-minded.

Once you have decided on a location, check out what is included in the package. Look for elements like transfers, in-flight meals, half board and breakfast. They may be charged extra. Focus on the bottom line while comparing prices.

It is definitely advisable to avoid allocation on arrival. You need to be aware of the location and style of the hotel you are staying in. Your hotel has a huge impact on the quality of your holiday. Spend time to ensure that you are staying in a good hotel.

Be flexible while dealing with tour operators and agents. The more flexible you are, the better are your chances of getting a great deal. It is a good idea to start with popular brands like Thomas Cook. Airtours, Manos and Sunset brands are owned by Thomas Cook. They usually have very broad offering of package. You will usually find attractive packages to locations like Turkey, Crete, Corfu, Zante, Rhodes and Kos.

Many brands start cutting rates for July departures around this time. You just need to keep an eye. Also you need to be able to balance the prospect of a great deal against the risk of, for instance, a delayed flight. Click on “Late Deals” section on the Thomas Cook website.

With a little smartness, you can make your last minute holiday a successful and an inexpensive one. Of course the above-mentioned tips will definitely help you in this.

Paris is a beautiful city located on the Seine River in France. It is an immensely popular travel destination, and attracts tourists from all over the world. There are many opportunities for entertainment in this city.

Here are some things to do in Paris.

Eiffel Towers

EiffelTower is a 324 meter iron lattice tower located on the Champ de Mars in Paris. The tower has three levels for visitors. You will find restaurants on the first and second levels. There is an observatory in the third level. This observatory’s upper platform is 276 m above the ground. In fact it is the highest accessible to the general public in the entire EU region. You may use the stairs or lift to reach first and second levels. The third level is accessible only through the lift as of now.


The Louvre

Also known as the LouvreMuseum, this large museum is a central landmark of Paris. It is open for the general public between 9 am and 6 pm. Here you will find around 35,000 objects from prehistoric times to the current times. Its collections are categorized under eight curatorial departments: Near Eastern Antiquities; Egyptian Antiquities; Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities; Islamic Art; Decorative Arts; Sculpture; Prints; Drawings; and Paintings. The museum covers an area of 60,600 square meters. It is the world’s most visited museum. Around 9.7 million tourists visit the Louvre every year.

The Norte Dame

This historic Catholic cathedral is an excellent example of French Gothic architecture. It is one among the largest and most popular church buildings in the world. The cathedral has 10 bells. It is well-known for its Lent sermons founded by the famous Dominican Jean-Baptiste Henri Lacordaire in the 1860s. In recent years many have been given by state employed academics and leading public figures.

Arc de Triomphe

This famous monument stands in the center of the Place Charles de Gaulle. It is open between 10 am and 10:30 pm. It honors patriotic people who fought and gave their lives for France in the Nepoleonic Wars and French Revolutionary struggle. Names of all French victories and generals are inscribed on its inner and outer surfaces.


Champs-Elysees is a street in Paris. Here you will find cafes, cinemas, clipped horse-chestnut trees and luxury specialty shops. It is one of the world’s most famous streets. You will find many French monuments here, like the Place de la Concorde and Arc de Triomphe. There are many elite institutions in the is area, like the Presidential Elysee Palace.

Jardin du Luxembourg

Also known as the Luxembourg gardens, Jardin du Luxembourg is the second largest public park in Paris. It is beautiful and well-known for its calm atmosphere. It is the garden of the French Senate. You will find a large fenced in playground for young children here.

The above-mentioned attractions are just a few among the many you will find in this wonderful city. You will find many awesome things to do in Paris once you start exploring the city.


Caribbean region comprises of the Caribbean Sea, more than 7000 islands, islets, reefs and cays. This region is an immensely popular tourist destination. There are many opportunities for entertainment like scuba diving, sailing, etc.

If you reside in North America, South America or Southern Europe, this is a great region to seek cheap travel packages. You can find really attractive seasonal deals.

Here are some tips on how to find cheap travel packages to the Caribbean region.

The first step is to decide on the mode of transportation. You can travel by sea or air. Packages club travel and hotel expenses. In fact travel aggregate sites like, airlines, cruise lines and Caribbean-only websites offer cheap travel packages to the region. They are separated into cruise and vacation package (air travel) sections.

The next step is to choose the location. You may choose from three different regions: The Western Caribbean (Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, etc), the Eastern Caribbean (Barbados, Grenada, Trinidad & Tobago, etc), and the Southern Caribbean (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao). The greater the distance from your home, the more the cost for you.

It is advisable to schedule your travel in line with Caribbean seasons and travels. June through December is the wet season; and January through May is the dry season. You will get cheap travel packages if you book your trip outside the peak travel times. Carnival is during the months February, May and June. It is be more expensive during these months. June to November is the hurricane season. You will get cheap travel packages during these months; however it is advisable to check for cancellation policies.

It is advisable to visit locations that speak your language. The United Kingdom offers better deals to British islands. Similarly France offers great deals to French Caribbean Islands. Caribbean islands that use the Euro are more expensive than those that use Eastern Caribbean dollar and other currencies. Anguilla, Grenadines and the islands of St. Barts attract more celebrities and are usually more expensive than other locations.

You will get good deals on It is advisable to use the services of aggregate travel search engines like Travelocity, Expedia, Priceline, Orbitz and Hotwire. They enable you to look for a specific destination on a specific date. It is a good idea to click on last minute deals. offers excellent cruise packages to the region. If you are traveling with your family, go for all-inclusive packages. Compare offers before deciding. has many hotel and flight packages for the region. You may customize by selecting the number of adults, seniors and children.

It is a good idea to book using a credit card. If hotel, airline or any other service goes out of business, your will get your money back. Credit cards usually offer travel insurance. Check for this before you travel. Websites like TripAdvisor has reviews from visitors. Read them. It will help you to decide if the location is right for you.

The above-mentioned tips will help you get excellent cheap travel packages to the Caribbean region. If you use these tips, you will not only enjoy your holiday, but also save money.

All inclusive resorts enable you enjoy stress-free holidays. You will know what your total expenditure will be even before you leave home. Most of the all inclusive deals provide value for money.

Here is a brief overview of all inclusive resorts that have consistently delivered on their promise of excellence.

Grand Velas Riviera Maya

Located in Mexico, this all inclusive resort offers fine dining restaurant that is a la carte. Its accommodations are truly world-class. All its rooms are suites. They start at 1,000 sq ft. Almost all the rooms have bath tubs and flat screen televisions. When you enter Grand Velas Riviera Maya, you feel like you are entering a world of exotic elegance and luxury.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Located in Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, this all inclusive resort is open from spring to fall. It takes a private seaplane ride of 45 minutes to reach this amazing resort. The resort is family friendly and is ideal for multi generational bonding. Wilderness is the main attraction of this all inclusive resort. Activities include kayaking (river and ocean), horse riding, whale watching, hiking, grizzly bear watching and mountain biking. Of course there is fishing (lake, river and ocean).


Uma by Como

Located in Bhutan, this 29-room all inclusive resort is close to country’s great cultural landmarks. It is located in the stunning Paro Valley. Activities at the resort range from yoga to Himalayan camping adventures. The resort’s Bukhari restaurant is a royal favorite. In this all inclusive resort, you will be among the world’s highest mountains.

Twin Farms

Located in Vermont, Twin Farms is a boutique resort that is steeped in romance and folklore. It is Vermont’s only luxury five-star experience. Ensconced in 300 acres, this amazing all inclusive resort allows you to indulge in superb meals and fine wines. Meals are customized to your need. Also there are many opportunities for outdoor adventure. You can enjoy skiing, hiking, fishing and tennis.

Hotel Portillo

If you love skiing, you need to visit Hotel Portillo in Chile. It is the only all inclusive ski resort in the world. Portillo is Chile’s premier ski mountain, high in the Andes. Many Olympians and national ski teams visit this world class resort to practice. Optional heli-skiing is offered on site daily. All inclusive deal includes accommodation, lift tickets, four meals, movies, disco, yoga, ski and boot valet. In this all inclusive resort, you can enjoy some of the most wonderful mountain scenery in the world.

Dunton Hot springs

Located just across the mountain from Telluride, Dunton Hot Springs Resort is a romantic ghost town. This top tier Colorado luxury resort has only 13 historic log cabins and cottages. Each of these is hand-built by the original miners who occupied the town. Even though they have been restored, original artifacts are retained. This all inclusive resort holds just 44 guests when full.

The above-mentioned all inclusive resorts are immensely popular and attract tourists from all over the world. Your visit to any of them is sure to be a memorable experience.

All inclusive holidays are convenient, time saving and value for money. No wonder they have gained in popularity in recent years. One major advantage of all inclusive holidays is that they cover food, drinks, hotel activities and entertainment. You get everything in one package. You can also choose from a range of destinations. 800px-Labadi_beach

Here is a brief overview of websites that offer best all inclusive holidays.

The company’s all inclusive holiday packages are well-known for their surprising extras. With Firstchoice, you can be assured of cocktails by the pool, delicious three course dinner, ice cream between the meals, evening entertainment and much more.

British Airways is a reputed brand. Your flights, hotels, meals, drinks and other activities are part of their all inclusive holiday package. You can choose from a range of hotels. In fact choose from more than 8,000 hotels. offers all inclusive holidays to amazing locations like Marbella, Playa De Las Americas, Benidorm and Alcudia. They are committed to offering affordable all inclusive package holidays that would still include meals, drinks and entertainment. offers great holidays are incredible prices. In all their all inclusive holiday deals, food and drinks are covered. They offer all inclusive holidays to wonderful locations in Turkey, Greece, Spain, Egypt, Cyprus, Tunisia, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Cuba.’s all inclusive holiday deals enable you to enjoy eating, drinking and entertaining yourself without breaking the bank. Some activities available include kayaking, wind surfing, cycling and tennis.

Co-operative offers all inclusive holiday deals to awesome destinations like Ibiza, Majorca and Zante. Their deals take the stress out of your holiday and enable you to enjoy. You can earn membership points on your booking. There are no debit card fees. is well-known for its fantastic all inclusive holiday deals. They have been providing great holiday experience to their customers. Their website helps you to find the perfect holiday for you. makes it possible for you to enjoy your holidays for unbelievable prices. Their all inclusive holiday deals include flights, accommodation, food, drinks and entertainment. Meals are served at regular intervals throughout the day. You can choose the meal time. There are many options for vegetarians. You can also enjoy unlimited supply of soft drinks. offers all inclusive holiday deals to locations all over the world. Virgin brand is immensely popular worldwide and they are known to provide world-class service. offers all inclusive holiday packages for really attractive prices. You can choose from amazing destinations like Ibiza, Crete, Algarve, Mallorca and many more. Their all inclusive holiday deals to Dream Gran Castillo Resort and Aqua Fun Club are immensely popular. offers luxury at a budget that you can afford. Their all inclusive holiday deals enable you to take pleasure in your holidays with great poise and little or no stress.

The above-mentioned all inclusive holidays not only provide huge entertainment opportunities but also offer incredible value for money.

Popularly known as K.L., Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. This alpha world city is the financial, economic and cultural center of Malaysia. Many people from many parts of the world travel to Kuala Lumpur for business, tourism and other purposes.

Air_AsiaKuala Lumpur is well-connected with other major cities of the world. Many reputed airlines like Malaysia Airlines (national carrier of Malaysia), British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Delta Airlines, Emirates and Quantas operate flights to Kuala Lumpur. These airlines offer excellent service and have been around for many years.

Kuala Lumpur has two airports: Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport. KLIA is the main airport in Kuala Lumpur. Located in Sepang, Selangor, this major airport is around 45 km from the Kuala Lumpur city center.

If you are traveling to Kuala Lumpur and are keen on saving money, you may consider using the services of a low cost carrier. AirAsia is a major name in this segment.

AirAsia is a Malaysian low-cost airline which is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. It is a pioneer of low-cost travel in Asia and has been named the best low-cost airline in the world. AirAsia operates flights to Kuala Lumpur from major cities like Sydney, Beijing, Hong Kong, Bangalore, Tokyo, Manila, Singapore, Seoul and Bangkok.

Low-cost carriers usually charge additional fees for checked baggage. You may also have to pay for in-flight food and drink. Most low-cost carriers charge a payment card fee, which will be notified to you immediately prior to purchase. You need to check in online before departure and print your boarding pass for your travel.

Many travel websites claim to help you to get the best deal on flights to Kuala Lumpur. However, it is always advisable to choose reputed brands. Expedia, Travelocity, Kayak, TripAdvisor, and AirfareWatchdog are some well-known names in the industry.

These websites have enabled you to book your flight and hotel accommodation from the comfort of your bedroom. They offer attractive discounts on airfares and great deals on hotels.

You will find reviews of many customers of airlines and hotels in these travel websites. These reviews help you to be aware. They help you to take wise decisions. These websites are user friendly. It definitely makes sense to make the most of these websites.

While in Kuala Lumpur, it is important to beware of pick pocketing and theft. Beware of taxi driver scams. If you intend to visit twin towers, do not purchase entry tickets from unauthorized vendors. You need to be prepared for traffic jams. Avoid using public toilets are they are very unhygienic.

Malaysia is a tropical country. So you should be prepared to deal with mosquitoes. Beware of dodgy monks. Avoid carrying drugs. In Malaysia, if you are caught with drugs on you, you will face death penalty.

The above-mentioned tips help you to get the best of flights to Kuala Lumpur; to stay safe in the city; and also to save money on your flight tickets.

Vacation is a great way to relax, rejuvenate and refresh your body and mind. At the same time, a vacation can be expensive. Fortunately there are amazing holiday destinations that do not empty your bank account. Benidorm is one such cheap holiday destination. Benidorm cheap holiday is popular worldwide.


Benidorm is a coastal town located in Spain. What was a small village in the 1960s, is today a major tourist attraction in the Western Mediterranean region. Benidorm is well-known for its beaches, amazing hotels and vibrant nightlife. In fact its skyline comprises of its hotels and apartment buildings. It has the most high rise buildings per capita in the world.

Many tourists from the UK, Belgium, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands visit Benidorm because it is amazing and also not very expensive. Many companies offer package holidays to this wonderful location.

Benidorm is well-known for its vibrant nightlife. Its pubs, bars and clubs pump out music until the early hours. Many free cabaret acts begin around 9 pm and continue into the early hours. You get many opportunities for recreation in Benidorm during the night hours.

Benidorm also attracts families. Tourists who visit this city with their family members usually prefer its three amazing beaches: Playa de Poniente, Playa de Levante and Playa de Mal Pas. You can do so many things in these golden sandy beaches. They offer plenty of water sports opportunities. These beaches are well-maintained. In fact they all have a blue flag (certification by the EU for maintaining high standard).

Benidorm offers many opportunities for family fun. You will find many theme parks. Aqualandia (water park) and Terra Mitica (amusement park) are prominent among them.

Many seniors from the northern part of Europe spend the winter months in Benidorm. You will find many tourists relaxing in the city’s peaceful parks, or indulging in delicious cuisine offered by reputed hotels.

If you want to experience authentic Spanish culture, you need to visit the OldTown. Here you will find white houses, a maze of cobbled streets and a blue-domed church. The OldTown has its own charm. A walk around this amazing place can be an exhilarating experience.

Hotel Gran Bali is a great place to stay in Benidorm. It is the tallest hotel in Europe. It is also close to the OldTown. This hotel is ideal if you are seeking affordable all-inclusive accommodation. If you are looking for star hotel, you have Marconfort Flamingo Benidorm Aparthotel (3-star) and Sandos Monaco Hotel and Spa (4-star).

Euro is the currency used in Benidorm. You need to beware of exchange scams. Always deal with authorized businesses. Also beware of scratch care scams. Keep your money safe from pick pockets. Avoid getting into argument in clubs, bars and pubs, especially during the night hours.

Benidorm cheap holiday destination ensures that you get your money’s worth. It is a safe destination compared to many other cities worldwide. Your stay in Benodorm is sure to be etched in your memory for a long time.

Technological advancements have made our world a place full of opportunities. Today people are traveling great distances to realize their dreams like never before. Thanks to advancements in telecommunications, today it is possible to stay in touch with your loved ones and business associates irrespective of your location.

However it can be expensive to stay in touch with people far away from you. International calls are expensive. Fortunately if you are located in the UK, Call2Call helps you to save a great deal on international calls.

click to callYou can use Call2Call service from your land line or your mobile phone. However, you should be able to access the numbers starting with 08 and 09. You need not even make any prepayments. In fact you need not even register.

Using Call2Call is very easy. First you need to find the access number for the destination country. The access codes are available in the Call2Call website. Dial the access number from your phone.

You will be connected to Call2Call service. Once connected, you will hear a welcome message. Here you enter the number you need to call. It is important to include the country code. You will be connected to the person.

For this call you will be paying your service provider only the cost of cost of dialing the access number. Of course it is much less than what you would pay for the international call.

If you have a mobile phone and some free minutes, you could send a text message “CHAT” to 87887. You will receive 5 pounds of international calling credit. You will be billed 5 pounds plus cost of one text message.

You will receive an SMS confirming your purchase. This message will also have a six digit unique PIN number and access number 0121 261 0808. Dial this access number from your mobile phone.

Upon connection, you need to key in your unique PIN number. After entering the number you will get to know the balance. Dial the number you wish to call, including the country code. Once you are connected, you will be debited appropriately from your credit.

Call2Call has been helping people save money on international calls for more than a decade. More than 500,000 callers use the services of Call2Call every month. Call2Call is a fully licensed network operator.

The dedicated team at Call2Call strives to bring you the most reliable service at minimum possible price. They have been doing this successfully till today. Call2Call is well-known for its excellent customer service. You will find many delighted customers of Call2Call.

Mr. L. Baines, a Call2Call customer from Manchester says, “At first I could not believe the low rates for the cheap international calls from Call2Call; however, I contacted their support and I honestly have never talked to such helpful people, who explained how it works. Definite recommendation from me.”

Call2Call is well-known for its clear lines. Its reputation is impeccable in this area. One of its customers, Katie from Southall says, “What a great service with fantastic clear lines, one word springs to mind, quality.” The team at Call2Call is trained not to compromise on quality. For more details about their service, please fell free to call 0203 323 0323.

Next time you feel like speaking to someone far away from you, use Call2Call. You will definitely enjoy disturbance-free conversation and also save lot of money.

If you are wondering which are the best places to visit in Europe, you have reached the right place. Europe has around 50 nations and is the birthplace of Western culture. Each nation has something unique to offer its tourists.

Various cities in Europe are well connected to other parts of the world by air. Here is a brief overview of the top tourist attractions in Europe.


Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower is the most visited paid monument in the world. This awesome iron lattice tower is considered a global cultural icon of France. It is in fact the tallest structure in Paris.

The Louvre

The Louvre is a famous museum is Paris. If you are interested in art, you must visit the Louvre. It is a central landmark of Paris and a great historic monument. Around 35,000 objects are exhibited here.

Sagrada Familia

This large Roman Catholic Church is located in Barcelona, Spain. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, this church is still under construction.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

This is a former church in Red Square, Moscow, Russia. The building is a popular museum today. Its unique shape is attractive. It has the shape of a bonfire rising into the sky.

The Colosseum

Also known as the Flavian Amphitheater, this structure is located at the center of Rome. It was the largest amphitheater of the Roman Empire and is the largest amphitheater in the world.

The Acropolis In Greece (Athens)


Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is located in the City of Westminster and is the official residence of the monarchy of the UK. Queen Victoria was the first monarch to reside in Buckingham Palace.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

This freestanding bell tower is located in the Italian city of Pisa. The top of the tower is displaced horizontally 3.9 meters from where it would be if the tower were to be perfectly vertical.

Tower of London

This historic castle is located on the north bank of the River Thames in Central London. It is in fact a complex of many buildings set within two concrete rings of defensive walls and a moat.

How to travel in Europe?

Driving yourself around Europe is both an exciting and an expensive affair. You may consider air travel. The rise of low cost airlines has made air travel an affordable proposition. You will also save time. Europe has excellent rail network. It is also the most romantic way to travel in Europe. It you are keen on traveling by bus, you may consider Euroline. Their buses connect 500 destinations across the continent. Walking or cycling across the continent enables you to soak up its diversity.

Travel safely

Europe is considered to be safer than the US. However it is a good idea to take care of yourself. Avoid bar fights. Keep your belongings safe. Beware of pickpockets, especially if you are in Rome, Florence and Barcelona. Avoid cardboard gypsies.

Visit to Europe is bound to be a memorable, enriching and an entertaining experience. The above-mentioned locations are the best places to visit in Europe and attract travelers from all over the world.

People wait eagerly for summer, as it is the time for vacation. If you are wondering where to go on holiday this summer, you may consider Sardinia.

Sardinia is a Mediterranean Island that is well-known for its stunning beaches and historical monuments. In fact it is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is an autonomous region of Italy.


Sardinia attracts many tourists from all parts of the world. If you are in Sardinia, you must take a boat trip to its famous hidden coves and outlying islands. Visit to Sardinia’s rustic interior is an amazing experience. You will enjoy the hiking experience. It is a great opportunity to enjoy traditional home made fare.

Here are some major tourist attractions in Sardinia:

Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda is a famous coastal area that attracts tourists with its pristine beaches, turquoise water and untouched nature. Located in northern Sardinia, this region is also well-known for its stunning architecture, wellness centers, luxury hotels, exciting nightlife, designer boutiques and world-class restaurants.

Teatro Lirico di Cagliari

Teatro Lirico is an opera house located in Cagliari. In fact it is the main theatre in the city. It has permanent choir and orchestra; and promotes prestigious seasons of chamber and symphonic music, opera and ballet throughout the year.

Giants’ Grave

Known as Tomba dei gigantic, Giants’ Grave is a type of Sardinian megalithic gallery grave built during the Bronze Age by the Nuragic civilization. It is a remarkably well-preserved monument.

Arcipelago di La Maddalena National Park

This wonderful geomarine national park is located on the coast of Sardinia. It covers an area on land and sea of more than 12,000 hectares. You will find beautiful beaches here. Hire a boat and explore the uninhabited islands. Many people come here to just relax on the café au lait sands of SpalmatoreBeach.


Tirso is the most important river in the island of Sardinia. This 152 km river rises from the plateau of Buddusò and flows from east to west. It merges with the sea in the Gulf of Oristano.

How to reach Sardinia?

By air:

Sardinia has airports in four cities: Alghero, Arbatax, Olbia and Cagliari. Meridiana, Volare, Alitalia, Air One and Ryanair have flights to this island.

By ferry:

You also have the option of reaching Sardinia by a ferry. Civitavecchia, Genoa, Livornio, Piombino and La Spezia are the popular ferry connections. It is a good idea to book a cabin on overnight boats; that is if you are looking to save the cost of one night’s stay in a hotel. Food and drinks are available on all the ferries.

Sardinia is safest tourist destination in Italy. However, it is advisable to be wary of game hunters during the September-February period. Check with locals for legal hunting dates. Avoid hiking in the wild during these days. It is a good idea to be aware of protected areas.

Sardinia is a paradise in the Mediterranean region. Visit to this amazing summer destination will definitely be etched in your memory for a long time.