Wholesale Hotels Group is disrupting a $500-billion-dollar online hotel booking industry!

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Wholesale Hotels Group is disrupting a $500-billion-dollar online hotel booking industry!

We are all after the next big deal on travel but generally, we end up finding the same thing in different packaging. Wholesale Hotels Group (WHG) has launched the concept of providing hotels at wholesale rates while connecting a variety of consumers with wholesale hotel suppliers globally and in its essence, disrupting a $500-billion-dollar industry.

Wholesale Hotels Group

Why do I have to pay membership and what’s in it for me?

Nowadays, every site offers Best Rate Guarantee or Price Match Guarantee, but have you really read their Terms and Conditions? If you did, you would know that membership-based sites (e.g.: Wholesale Hotels Group) are EXCLUDED. Why? Very simple!

Because in many instances THEY CAN’T COMPETE WITH OUR RATES!

Now, why would a company like WHG be able to provide marginally better rates to you than the big brand sites?
Simply because of our contractual agreements with our wholesale suppliers. They make these very inexpensive hotel deals happen to our customers who are already paying to be members of our site and as part of our contractual promise to them, we don’t publicly advertise or display their rates.

WHG entry level subscription starts as low as $34.99 to end-users for a 3-month membership but use PROMO CODE 86632235 and get 50% OFF on your membership fee! Sign up here:

WHG also offers coupons for its competitors which may include additional discounts on travel. One can find all the discount offers and the latest promo codes provided by many other major booking sites on www.whotelsgroup.com.

While the hotel booking part of the platform requires a subscription; flights, events and activities can be utilized on the site without it.

Are you a corporation with great reputation? WHG may want your business!
Wholesale Hotels Group offers membership to a variety of ways. Besides offering their platform to end-users, certain eligible corporations with good reputation can also take advantage of their 90-DAY FREE TRIAL with no credit card needed to sign up.

Qualified Travel Professional / Non-Profit corporation / Government Entity?
WHG also offers free membership to IATAN, CLIA or ARC accredited Travel Agencies with a good reputation in the travel industry as well as Non-Profit corporations and Government entities.

About the Company:

Wholesale Hotels Group is a registered online travel agency in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA offering both listings and booking facilities of hotels, flights, events and a variety of activities. WHG is fully accredited by the largest organizations in the travel industry both by IATANTM and ASTATM. The company has been holding a stellar A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau since its accreditation.

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