Snowmobiling in Niseko Hanazono, Japan

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Snowmobiling in Niseko Hanazono, Japan


Snowmobiling in Niseko is a must experience and a great alternative to skiing and snowboarding if you’re looking for a day off the slopes.  A great adventure for those looking for a thrill or just to relax in Niseko.


Go on a journey through Niseko‘s renowned powder snow on your very own high-performance snowmobile. Niseko Hanazono’s experienced guides will take you via the lush forests, through snow-covered pastures and to some of the most awesome views of the Niseko range and beyond. Their fleet is made up of state of the art, single cylinder, two-stroke 300cc, easy to ride lightweight machines.

Snowmobiling in Niseko Hanazono, Japan

There are 2 superb courses to choose from:

Rabbit Course

Rabbit Course is a 30-minute course within the spacious expanse of the golf course. This is an ideal choice for children or those experiencing the sport for the first time.

Panorama Course

This tour is for riders who would like to range out into more remote areas, across snow-covered pastures with stunning panoramic views. You will explore forest trails and backcountry bowls filled with deep powder snow. Experienced guides will instruct you the techniques involved in snowmobiling powder snow. The 60-minute panorama course offers some of the most commanding views in the whole Niseko region.


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What To Bring

We recommend you bring the following items for your comfort;

  • Ski/snowboard clothes
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Neck Warmer
  • Beanie
  • Snow Boots


If necessary Goggles can be provided.


  • Helmets are provided and are required for all participants
  • Snowboard boots are OK but Ski Boots are not recommended


First timers can be assured Niseko Hanazono’s expert guides will explain all equipment, safety features and show you the correct techniques so you can quickly adapt to enjoy the tour. They will introduce you to your snowmobile and do some easy practice loops to make sure you’re handling your machine comfortably. Then you set off for the mountain together, making plenty of stops to let you catch your breath and take pictures.


NEWThis year 6 new snowmobiles have been added to Niseko Hanazono’s fleet.  These are on top of the 4 new tandem machines added for the 2016-17 season, ensuring you have access to the best equipment for your snowmobiling tours on the mountain.


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