Tenerife – The Pearl of The Canary Islands

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Tenerife – The Pearl of The Canary Islands

Finding a perfect location for your holiday is an important task. After a year spent in hard work, the last thing you would want is a disappointing vacation. Well, Spain is always a good and safe choice but if you really want to have a nice time, then you should go to Tenerife.

The Canary Islands – a Heaven on Earth

The Canary Islands are truly the next best thing to Heaven, so going there will surely be a wise decision. Tenerife is the biggest of seven islands that together make this beautiful archipelago. Also, it is the most populous island in the whole Spain and maybe even the most beautiful one. There is one interesting fact about The Canary Islands. Namely, they are much closer to the African coast than to the Spanish mainland. And that is not all; Tenerife is a volcanic island that has emerged millions of years ago in the Atlantic Ocean. In its centre lies the highest point in whole Spain – the great cone of Teide.

With a variety of climates, Tenerife is also a unique place on Earth where some of the most amazing ecosystems survive one next to another. So once you come here, you will be able to see tropical crops, semi-desert areas with drought-resistant plants, but also vast valleys covered with pine forests. And all of that while enjoying a magnificent view over the Atlantic Sea and the coast of West Africa.

But the best part is that you can reach Tenerife fast and easy, without any issues. You can do this either by plane or ferry and once you arrive you will quickly move around the island with the public bus network. In addition, it may be an excellent idea to rent a car, since it is quite cheap and there is a good network of toll-free motorways all around the island.

The Origins of Modern Tenerife

The Canary Islands were always attractive to people, even in the ancient times. The classical Greek authors wrote about the mysterious land that lies behind the Hercules Pillars. The islands are mainly famous for its strong and fierce-looking dogs called “verdinos” or “bardinos”. Even the name Canary comes from Latin word “canis” which means a dog. Tenerife got its name from the high mountain peak of Teide, which was referred to as the white (tene) mountain (ife).

Before the Spanish conquered this archipelago in the late 15th century, it was mainly inhabited by the local tribes called the Guanches. After the conquest, many of them moved to the New World and mostly to Venezuela and Cuba.

The Island of Thousand Experiences

Once you come to Tenerife, your adventure will start immediately because there is always something going on the island. But among other activities, you should definitively visit the historic centres where you will be able to see some fantastic representatives of local architecture from various periods. And among others, you should definitively go to the historic centre of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital city of the island. The central church dating back to the 17th century is the main attraction, surrounded by the old streets, houses and plazas where you can grab something to eat, for example. Y

ou should also take a look into one of many local museums such as the Military Museum or the Fine Art Museum. But most of the people are usually most impressed with The Museum of Science and Cosmos, which is basically a combination of traditional museum and a theme park.

Also, don’t miss the Red de Calidad Tenerife Rural, which is, in fact, a network of centres that show the guests the authentic values of the rural world by helping them visit various wineries, farms, ethnographic museums, pottery centres, etc. That way you will get to know the Tenerife in an entertaining but still informative way.

From Private Accommodation to All-Inclusive Service

No matter if you plan to visit Tenerife for a couple of days, or you intend to stay at least a week or two, the island will surely provide you with various possibilities. Visitors mostly decide to spend their vacation and holidays in hotels or hostels, but there are also people who love their privacy above everything else, so they choose to rent apartments or villas instead. As an island with a long tradition of hospitality and tourism, Tenerife disposes of hundreds of hotels that range from the modest ones to the all-inclusive hotels, providing five-star service. For instance, Tenerife offers you an opportunity to book an excellent, spacious, and well-furnished room in an old, 18th-century manor, with a peaceful and warm atmosphere. Or, if you wish to have a fun experience, then you are welcome to stay in crowded hotels with indoor and outdoor pools, sauna and high-quality restaurants, private beaches and polite staff. However, should decide for a single variant, you can always find excellently located an apartment or even B&B. Tenerife is really open to all possibilities, and you are the one to choose which suits you best.

Local Dishes Bring a Whiff of Canary Islands

Visiting Tenerife will unavoidably make your trip unforgettable when it comes to cuisine and food. Namely, you can always find restaurants that offer international and ‘already seen’ meals. But, what is specific about Tenerife is that it provides its visitors with an incredible offer of local specialities. Of course, there are not many such restaurants, but you will recognise them right away since they offer menus with soups, stews, and grilled fish. The island disposes of a great variety of vegetables and fruits, which is why exactly these make the foundation of almost any great Canarian meal. Don’t leave the island without trying the well-known wrinkled potatoes, or how locals call it ‘papas arrugadas’. Potatoes are wrinkled because they are boiled in salt water, and served with two kinds of delicious sauce – a spicy and a green one.

Fish lovers will be treated with local specialities like ‘caldereta’ and ‘sancocho canario’. These two represent salted fish served with a ‘mojo’ sauce. Everyone who has tasted fish meals in Tenerife ended up doing research back at home on how to prepare these never-to-be-forgotten recipes.

When it comes to deserts, those with a sweet-tooth will be thrilled because deserts in Tenerife inevitably consider mixing honey, almond cream, eggs, rum, and a variety of tropical fruit. Worth trying are ‘bienmesabe’ and fried bananas.

A Wide Variety of Spectacular Activities

An excellent climate and natural surrounding make Tenerife an excellent spot for doing all kinds of activities. For that reason, the local population has developed various interesting as well as exciting excursions, adrenaline rush activities, picnics and trips. No matter if you are visiting the island alone, with a friend or with the whole family, you will undoubtedly have the chance to find something for yourself. Sports that are modern today, like volleyball, tennis or even golf are available, with dozens of courts and brand new equipment. However, what is most attractive in Tenerife is the activity of whale watching. Since the south-west coast of the island is a hot spot for watching these incredible mammals, you may be fortunate enough to spot species like a killer whale, blue whale, pilot whale or baleen whale.

Apart from whale watching, one can always choose the popular scuba diving or sailing activities. Many visitors decide to take a chance to meet the underwater life with experienced trainers and guides, and in case you have never tried them, you are welcome to dive in Tenerife and discover the unseen beauties.

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