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Schools are about to break up around this time of the year. You may have accumulated leaves, and may be eager to spend quality time with your loved ones on a nice holiday. Unfortunately till now you may not have taken any action on this.


Fortunately it is not too late to find a good last minute holiday deal. Here is how you can get a good bargain while booking at the last minute.

Many travel businesses would be under pressure to sell as much as possible for the flights and accommodation they are left with. This definitely works to your advantage; because they offer you heavy discounts.

It is advisable to begin by checking reputed tour operators and villa agents. Of course you will find many all over Europe. You will find many advertisements promising you savings. Be a little skeptical about the savings ads. When there are many discounts, a message like “Save 30 percent”, can be misleading.

Percentage discounts make sense only when they represent savings on a stable pricing system. Many package holidays are not priced in a stable way. Their cost varies from day to day depending on how much they are making. The price they advertise on their communications is usually the upper limit. Keep this in mind while negotiating for a deal.

Since you are booking late, you should be flexible when it comes to destination. It is a good idea to look at different destinations. Make price comparisons as broad as possible. You will find really wonderful locations in countries like Greece, Spain and Portugal for immensely attractive prices. Be open-minded.

Once you have decided on a location, check out what is included in the package. Look for elements like transfers, in-flight meals, half board and breakfast. They may be charged extra. Focus on the bottom line while comparing prices.

It is definitely advisable to avoid allocation on arrival. You need to be aware of the location and style of the hotel you are staying in. Your hotel has a huge impact on the quality of your holiday. Spend time to ensure that you are staying in a good hotel.

Be flexible while dealing with tour operators and agents. The more flexible you are, the better are your chances of getting a great deal. It is a good idea to start with popular brands like Thomas Cook. Airtours, Manos and Sunset brands are owned by Thomas Cook. They usually have very broad offering of package. You will usually find attractive packages to locations like Turkey, Crete, Corfu, Zante, Rhodes and Kos.

Many brands start cutting rates for July departures around this time. You just need to keep an eye. Also you need to be able to balance the prospect of a great deal against the risk of, for instance, a delayed flight. Click on “Late Deals” section on the Thomas Cook website.

With a little smartness, you can make your last minute holiday a successful and an inexpensive one. Of course the above-mentioned tips will definitely help you in this.