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Germany is well known for its abundance of festivals, from the well-known and loved Oktoberfest to Weihnachtmarkts, Germany has a festival for everybody. Here are 10 of our favourite festivals that happen in Germany!

  1. Berlin international film festival

This is the world’s second-largest film festival, only after Cannes. The 68th annual Berlin International Film Festival is scheduled to take place from 15 to 25 February this year and it is one of the most popular events for pro and amateur moviemakers alike. The Berlin Film Festival first occurred in 1951 and has been going ever since. More than 334,000 sold tickets, more than 21,000 professional visitors from 127 countries, including more than 3,700 journalists: art, glamour, parties and business are all inseparably linked at the Berlin Film Festival. It’s worth a visit, especially if you’re a fan of fine filmmaking. 

Berlin Film Festival

Berlin Film Festival

      2. Rock am Ring/Rock Im Park

Two huge rock festivals held simultaneously over three days in two different locations. This year, Rock Am Ring will begin on the 1st of June, and it ends on the 3rd of June. While Rock am Ring takes place at the Nürburgring race track, Rock im Park takes place at the Zeppelinfeld in Nuremberg. there are dozens of different performers in both festivals, but some notable ones that are there this year are Snow Patrol and the Foo Fighters. Rock am Ring and Rock im Park are great places to visit for any music fans, and it is highly recommended to visit one of these two if you are in Germany at the time. 

Rock am ring

Rock am ring

       3. Oktoberfest

Funnily, this does not actually happen in October. It starts on the 22nd of September and continues until the 7th of October, and it is filled with beer, traditional Bavarian foods, Oompah bands and Lederhosen. There are 30+ beer and food tents in Munich, Bavaria, where the main event is held. Each one has its own atmosphere, yodelling, families, celebrities and atmospheric music. If you’re a fan of beer, you’ll love Oktoberfest. During the 16 day festival in 2016, over 7.7 million litres of Oktoberfest Beer was served. There are also so many different attractions, such as fairground rides, side ground stalls, and games. Oktoberfest does have loads of attractions for children too, so don’t be afraid to take a child with you. (as long as you don’t bring them into the beer tent!) 



4. Kaltenberg Medieval Tournament 

Held in the town of Kaltenberg, it has mock battles, archery, birds of prey and everything else you might associate with medieval life. It’s Europe’s largest medieval music festival. Take your tent and chill out to modern interpretations of medieval music. The tournament is held on 7 stages, with various brilliant street shows and performers. There’s a massive medieval market, traditional handcrafted foods can all be bought here. There is also an event called Gauklernacht or Jesters’ night, and it has hundreds of different performers including jesters, acrobats and musicians. This is a great place to go for any history fans and it’s a good time for parents and children alike. 

Kaltenberg Medieval Festival

Kaltenberg Medieval Festival

5. Leipzig Book Fair

The book fair may be the biggest date on a calendar, but Leipzig is the place to go for all things literary. You can meet your favourite authors, and find out what’s new in the world of books. Leipzig Book Fair is one of the biggest festivals of literature in Germany, and it features more than 2,600 events held at dozens of different venues. This year, the Leipzig Book Fair begins on the 15th of March, and it is held until the 18th. If you wanna find out some of Germany’s newest publications, this is where they are likely to be announced. 

Leipzig Book Fair

Leipzig Book Fair

6. Bayreuth Festival

Bayreuth festival is a music festival showcasing the work of composer Richard Wagner. The festival occurs from 25th of July to the 29th of August. This famous festival is considered the highlight of German culture, and performances take part in a specially designed theatre named the Bayreuth Festspielhaus. Richard Wagner personally supervised the design and construction of the theatre, and it is now considered one of the finest theatres in Germany. The Festival has become a pilgrimage destination for many Wagner enthusiasts, but any person interested in fine, classical music should be going to the Bayreuth Festival. 

Bayreuth Festival

Bayreuth Festival

7. Karneval or Mardi Gras

Better known as Mardi Gras, it officially starts from the 11th of November at 11.11 to the following Ash Wednesday, but the main celebrations start on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday. Traditionally, in Karneval, women can kiss a man after cutting off his tie. There are huge street parades and parties on Rose Monday, Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. The festivities of Karneval date back to the middle ages and Germans celebrate Carnival in several different regions and ways throughout Germany. During Karneval, there are normally numerous street vendors, with hundreds of different kinds of foods including Bratwurst, Krapfen and other party foods. Karneval is a great time for anybody who just wants some fun, and the parades are some of the best things that you can be part of in Germany. 



8. International Dixieland Festival, Dresden.

The oldest jazz festival in Europe, it recreates the atmosphere of deep South America. International Dixieland Festival first took place in 1971. There’s music played on paddle boat streamers on the Elbe River. Brass bands parade around the streets of Old Town and perform on stages all around the city. One of the yearly highlights is the riverboat shuffle on the Elbe when the world’s oldest and largest fleet of paddle-steamers becomes a floating stage and festival-goers are invited to step aboard. The climax is the Dixieland parade through the city centre, which is one of the most enjoyable times of all the festivals.

Dixieland Festival

Dixieland Festival

9. Africa Festival, Wurzburg.

Every year, Wurzburg hosts the largest festival of African music and culture in Europe. There are up to 4 stages, 100s of musicians, singers and dancers from Africa, and thousands of visitors from all around the world. Come for the day, or bring a tent to stay for the whole weekend.  

Africa Festival, Wurzburg.

Africa Festival, Wurzburg.

10. German Christmas markets (Weihnachtsmarkts).

Throughout Germany, you’ll find Christmas markets, with quaint little stalls selling gifts, foodstuffs & spiced wine. An interesting fact: There are over 70 of these in Berlin. These markets are a reason to make a trip to Germany. Famous Christmas markets are held in the cities of Augsburg, Dresden, Frankfurt, and Nuremberg. The Nuremberg and Dresden markets draw about two million people each year; The two most visited Christmas markets in Germany are to be found in Dortmund with more than three and a half million visitors of 300 stalls around a gigantic Christmas tree. Most Weihnachtsmarkts open in late November and are open until after Christmas. A great time for the entire family.




5 best places to visit in Bavaria

Bavaria is the largest of the sixteen German states, nearly covering up one fifth of Germany. Best known for hosting Oktoberfest in Munich every year, Bavaria is filled with beer halls. That’s not all it has though. Museums, pristine lakes, castles and forests, Bavaria has a wide range of different places you can visit- Whether you enjoy drinking beer or not.

  1. Nuremberg Castle


Situated in the middle of Nuremberg, Nuremberg castle is considered to be one of Europe’s most formidable medieval fortifications. Starting from a humble beginning in the mid-11th century, and almost completely rebuilt after the Second World War, this castle is quite an amazing place to visit. The museum presents an excellent exhibition on the castle’s history. If you’re a historical person and you enjoy interesting places then this is a place for you.

Nuremberg Castle

  1. Viktualienmarkt


Viktualienmarkt is a food market in the center of Munich. Originally a farmer’s market in the early 19th century, Viktualienmarkt is a massive area covering 22,000m squared with food stalls selling flowers, poultry, cheese, bread, juice, and so many others. There is many different events, ranging from gardener’s day to “dance of the market women” on Shrove Tuesday. If you enjoy buying quality food, this is the place to go.


  1. Zugspitze


Zugspitze is the highest mountain in Germany, at a massive 2962 metres above sea level. There are three cable cars which run from the top of the Zugspitze to the bottom. The views that you can see from the cable car are brilliant, nothing short of breath taking. There are various hiking and ski trails which you can reach to get to the top of the mountain, with three main routes to the summit. The Zugspitze is a very popular snowsport destination during the winter, being the highest ski resort in Germany. If you enjoy hiking, skiing, or just magnificent views, this is a great place to go.


View from the top of the Zugspitze in a cable cart.


  1. Olympiapark


Olympia park is an Olympic park which was made for the 1972 summer Olympics. Even though it is not used for Olympics anymore, it is used as a venue for many different events, predominantly cultural and social. Some examples of some of these events are the four day run, Munich triathlon and twenty-four hour swim. From the top of the tower you can see the whole park, and you can take a stroll around the hall and admire some of the memorials and the magnificent structure of the building. There’s many restaurants nearby, so once you’ve finished your stroll, you can go and eat some fine food and drink some fine alcohol. If you’re a sporty person, this is a great place to visit.


  1. Linderhof Palace


Linderhof Palace is a chateau, located in southwest Bavaria. It was built by King Ludwig II and it was the only palace out of three that he saw finished. If you get to experience a tour of this magnificent building, you will observe a hall of mirrors, (made for the slightly eccentric king himself) two tapestry chambers, and the dining room where King Ludwig II himself ate. If you take a stroll around the building, you will see beautiful golden statues, colourful flowers, and many fountains to admire. Visiting the Linderhof Palace is a brilliant experience for any history lover or any person who enjoys good architecture.

Linderhof Palace

Bavaria has thousands of magical places to visit, this article only being a fraction of what Bavaria has to offer. But if you enjoy good food, breathtaking views, snow sports, or alcohol, Bavaria is a yes to visit. With the multitude of different places to go and things to see, you will never run out of ideas.

5 best places to visit in Bavaria

If you haven’t visited Germany yet, you’re in for a culinary surprise. No matter how many times you’ve tasted schnitzel and saukerkraut at home, the German traditional versions are so much more delicious! Sharon Preston visits Germany regularly on business. Here she gives us an idea of what to sample next time your’e on holiday in Germany…

german knodelKnodel
These traditional German dumplings originated in South-eastern Germany. They are made from potato, semolina, flour or bread, rolled into a ball shape and boiled or steamed in salt water. Germans love dumplings and eat different varieties with most meals. They can be served as a main meal, a side dish, dipped in soup, or even as a dessert. Savoury Knodel are traditionally served as an accompaniment to roast meat or poultry, or in veal or beef stews.

Paniertes SchnitzelSchnitzel
Yes, we know you’ve tasted schnitzel. But the real McCoy, the German version, is a little bit different from a thin escalope of veal, chicken or beef coated with flour, egg and breadcrumbs and fried in butter or oil. Veal schnitzel, called Wiener Schnitzel, actually hails from Austria, but the German versions are a little different. In Germany you can enjoy run-of-the-mill schnitzel, but you can also enjoy Schweine-Schnitzel, which is a breaded pork loin cutlet, Puten Schnitzel, made with turkey breast, and Hanchen Schnitzel, made using boneless chicken breast. Restaurant portions are usually huge and schnitzel is accompanied with fries, red sauerkraut, German potato salad, asparagus or other vegetables.

germany sauerbrautenSauerbrauten
Sauerbrauten literally means ‘sour roast’. It’s a classic German potroast made from a variety of meats, usually beef, but also lamb, pork, venison or horsemeat. Its sour flavour comes from being marinated for several days in a mixture of vinegar, wine, herbs, spices and seasonings. The dish is traditionally served with red cabbage, knodel (dumplings) and apple sauce, though sometimes spatzle (noodles) or boiled potatoes are used instead. There are several regional varieties – their difference is usually in the marinade.


germany paprikahendlHendl
Chicken, or Hendl, as it’s called in Germany, is traditionally served grilled, marinated with pepper and other spices. It’s very popular in most restaurants and is served with fries or a choice of other vegetables. Another classic German dish using chicken is Paprika Hendl, Chicken Paprika, made using chicken, cream and paprika. It’s usually served with spatzle (noodles) or potatoes.

Every country has its version of pasta or noodles, and Spatzle is Germany’s. They are an important ingredient in many classic German dishes and are made from flour, water, salt and eggs. These curly noodles range from yellow to white depending on how much egg is added. In autumn and winter, they’re served as an alternative to potatoes with roast or braised meat, poultry, game or beef rolls. They are popular in local German homes as well as on menus in German restaurants.

Brezel (pretzel)
Wherever you go in Germany, you’ll find these tasty dark brown snacks, crispy with a salt crust on the outside, or sesame seeds, sunflower or poppy seeds, and a soft dough inside. Pretzels have a unique shape and each region has its own version of that shape. To this day, Brezel or Pretzels, are handmade by bakers who have perfected this traditional craft. They are served as a snack anytime, and you can buy them at bakeries or street stands.

Germany’s favourite fast food is Currywurst, a boiled, fried or grilled sausage cut into pieces one inch thick and topped with a combination of tomato paste, curry powder and paprika. They are traditionally served with a roll or fries. The snack originated in Berlin.

Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Cherry Cake)
Famous throughout Germany, although it originated in the Black Forest Region, Black Forest Cherry Cake is a real treat. Its made of four layers of chocolate sponge cake sandwiched together with cherries and whipped cream flavoured with Kirschwasser (cherry schnapps). It’s also covered with whipped cream, chocolate shavings and a few fresh cherries.









One of my favourite locations in Cologne is the city’s iconic Opera House. Here I share some information about it…

Cologne is a city of opera lovers. The city’s residents have enjoyed opera here since the mid 18th Century. In fact, the first permanent opera company here was established in 1822 and performed in the Theater an der Schmierstrasse, which was built in 1783 and used for concerts, plays and opera.The first opera house to be built in the city was the Theater am Habsburger Ring, built in 1902 by the city. It was badly damaged during the Second World War, so opera was performed at the University of Cologne until a new building was built. In fact, the opera company also used to perform in the repaired Glockengasse and Habsburger Ring theaters too.
The current Cologne Opera House is the first modern music building to be built in Europe after the Second World War. It was designed by the German architect Wilhelm Riphahn and it was inaugurated in 1957 by the former mayor of Cologne, Konrad Adenauer, who was Chancellor of Germany at the time. The first opera to be performed here was Oberon, created by Carl Maria von Weber.
The opera house seats up to 1 300 spectators and the orchestra pit accommodates 100 musicians. This magnificent building has been designed so that wherever one sits in the audience, the stage is visible and the acoustics are excellent. The Opera House is home to a resident opera company that performs approximately 25 different operas during the regular season, which runs from September to June.
The Opera house is also part of an arts complex that includes the Cologne Playhouse, built in 1962 and also designed by Riphahn. Both theaters were recently extensively refurbished.
The Cologne Opera company is famous for producing the highest quality children’s operas in the world. And in addition to producing classical performances, it also produces operas from the 20th Century. The Cologne Opera House also hosts dance performances. We suggest you find out what is showing while you’re in town, as it would be a great opportunity to attend a performance of either opera or dance in one of the best opera houses in Europe.

Frankfurt is the fifth largest city in Germany and the largest in the state of Hesse. It is Germany’s second largest metropolitan region and the largest financial center in Europe. It is also Germany’s most expensive city.

Frankfurt is famous for its futuristic skyline and its airport, which is the busiest in Germany. The city is well connected by rail, road and air. The best way to travel around Frankfurt is the Underground, tram and bus. You may use the S-Bahn for travel to suburbs.

Located on both sides of the Main River, Frankfurt has a temperate oceanic climate. You will find the Taunus mountain range towards the North West. The city contains Frankfurt City Forest,Germany’s largest forest within a city. The best time to visit Frankfurt is late spring to early autumn.

Here is a brief overview of some tourist attraction places in Frankfurt.

Frankfurt Cathedral

It is the main church of Frankfurt. It was constructed during the 14th and 15th centuries. It has been recognized as a symbol of national unity. From 1356 onwards, emperors of the holy Roman Empire were elected in this collegiate church and kings in Germany.

Frankfurt Cathedral

Frankfurt Cathedral

Alte Oper

This concert hall and former opera house is a home to the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra. The building was designed by the Berlin architect Richard Lucae and financed by the citizens of Frankfurt. It regularly hosts concerts and plays.

Frankfurt Zoological Garden

Founded in 1858, this zoo features more than 5,000 animals of more than 600 species. It covers more than 13 hectares. It lies in the eastern part of the Innenstadt. It is the second oldest zoo in Germany. If you have children, you must visit this zoo.


This art museum owns 2,700 paintings out of which 600 are displayed. It also owns 100,000 drawings and prints; as well as 600 sculptures. You will also find a library with 100,000 books and 400 periodicals.


Romer is the name of a complex of nine houses that form the Frankfurt city hall. The houses were acquired by the city council in 1405 from a merchant family. The Romer was partially destroyed during the Second World War, but was rebuilt later.

Frankfurt is a wonderful city. Visit to the above-mentioned Frankfurt tourism attractions is sure to be a memorable and exciting one.

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Berlin is the capital and the largest city of Germany. Located in northeast Germany, this city has a temperate seasonal climate. Berlin is well-known for its diverse architecture, nightlife, festivals, contemporary arts and high standard of living. Nearly one-third of the city’s area comprises of parks, gardens, forests, lakes and rivers.

Here is a brief overview of some popular tourist attractions in Berlin.

Schloss Charlottenburg

It is the largest surviving historical palace in Berlin. Built towards the end of the 17th century, this beautiful palace is well-known for its exotic internal decoration in baroque and rococo style.


It is the seat of the German parliament, the modern Bundestag. The large glass dome at the top of the structure has a 360-degree view of the city’s landscape. You can also see the main hall from inside the dome.

Museum Island

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the name of the northern half of an island in the Spree River in the central Mitte district of Berlin. It is the site of the five internationally significant museums: The Altes Museum, The Neues Museum, The Alte Nationalgalerie, The Bode Museum and The Pergamon Museum.

Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral is the colloquial name for the Supreme Parish and Collegiate Church. But Berlin Cathedral has never been a cathedral, in the sense that it has never been the seat of a bishop. It stands as an example of the neo-renaissance style.

Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral

Jewish Museum

Open to the public in 2001, it is one of the largest Jewish museums inEurope. If you are interested in German-Jewish history, this is the place for you. It presents Germany through the eyes of the Jewish minority.

House of the cultures of the world
Berlin City – Tourist Board Video 2009

It is Germany’€™s national center for contemporary non-European art. Located in the Tiergarten park, it presents theatre and dance performances, art exhibitions, films, concerts, author readings and academic conferences on non-European visual art and culture.

Berlin Zoological Garden

It is the most-visited zoo in Europe. It is the oldest zoo in Germany. The zoo houses more than 1,500 species and around 17,500 animals. In fact the zoo houses the most comprehensive collection of species in the world.

Berlin is truly a world city. Visit to the above-mentioned Berlin tourism attractions is sure to be an enriching and a refreshing experience.

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Germany is the largest economy, a technological leader and a major political power in the European Union (EU). It comprises 16 states. Berlin is the capital and the largest city in Germany. The country has a temperate seasonal climate.

There are many tourist places in Germany. Here is a brief overview of some major tourist attractions in Germany.


This beautiful city is located in northeastern Germany. About one-third of the city is covered by parks, lakes and rivers. The historic Berlin Wall, world renowned universities, Reichstag, Potsdamer Platz, Brandenburg Gate, Tiergarten are major tourist attractions of this magnificent ancient-cum- modern city.

Cologne Cathedral

This beautiful Roman Catholic Church is located in Cologne, Germany. It is a World Heritage site and the seat of the Archbishop of Cologne. The structure stands as an example of Gothic architecture and is the most visited tourist destination in Germany.

(By Kölner_Dom001_(Flight_over_Cologne).jpg: Neuwieser derivative work: MathKnight (Kölner_Dom001_(Flight_over_Cologne).jpg) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)


Located in South Bavaria, this 19th-century Revival Palace attracts more than 1.3 million people every year from all parts of the globe. Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle was inspired by this structure.

Dresden Frauenkirche 

This beautiful Protestant church was built in the 18th century. However, it was completely destroyed during the Second World War. It was reconstructed as a symbol of reconciliation between the warring sides and reconsecrated in the year 2005.

Frisian Islands 

These beautiful islands form an archipelago at the eastern edge of the North Sea. Many parts of theses islands are protected. You can also find many uninhabited islands in this region.

Rugen Cliffs

Germany doesn’t disappoint nature lovers. Located in the Jasmund National Park region, these chalk cliffs tower high above the Baltic Sea. You will find undisturbed forests behind these cliffs.

Romantic Rhine 

It is a section of the Rhine, between Kolbenz and Bingen. You can find many castles and ruins in the banks of the river here. The hills in the banks are covered by vineyard. A cruise through the river is an out of the world experience.

Germany is a diverse nation. Visit to the above-mentioned tourist places in Germany is an enriching experience.

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Driving To Greece From Ireland

I have done this trip a number of times before there are quite a few possibilities on how to travel this journey on our last trip we went from Dun Laoghaire to Holyhead in the boat with StenaLine the journey took us about 3 hours in total. From Holyhead we drove down to Dover and got the boat across from Dover to Calais we went in the Campervan though on all other 8 occasions we drove by car.  The drive through Wales has some stunning scenery and if you go off the dual carriageway for a bit there are some beautiful scenic side roads with nice shops and cafe’s.

Staying At Mum,s House The Night Before Our Trip In dublin

After driving for another 6 hours or so we arrived in Dover for the boat over to Calais upon arrival in France it seemed a little difficult to find places to eat with proper food all the restaurants we stoppped at apparently don’t serve proper food till like 6PM and it was about 2PM after driving in around all morning this was a pretty painful part of the journey all their seemed to be was sandwiches Croissants and brioche.  If you are sick of ham and cheese sandwiches and look for food in France during the day like ourselves you may have a problem..

Finally after about 3 hours of searching for food we found a roadside cafe and had chicken,chips and peas not very exciting but compared to our previous options that day it felt like a feast..  After France we drove through Belgium offering us an opportunity to even take a little detour via Holland..  We lived in Holland when I was a child and had many fond memories in fact it has changed very little from how i remembered it. There is a wonderful beach called Scheveningen well worth a visit and the Dutch Indonesianstyle Satay sauce is really amazing.

If you are with kids like us no trip to Holland is complete without a visit to the model city Maduradam just outside Rotterdam, there is also the Euromast which at one stage many  years ago had been one of the tallest buildings in Europe also worth a visit it has amazing views from the cafe. The gets where absolutely in paradise in Maduradam watching the model planes boats,trains and scaled down version of Holland. Plus a visit to the Panakook House.

For some of the best home made Large think pancakes you have ever tasted with fruit syrup,maple syprup or ham or bacon and cheese toppings. And last but not least Hollands top dessert Pofferjies mit stroop…  Definetely worth a try…  When arriving in Holland I would definetely suggest booking yourself into a hotel for the night and spend at least 1 full day doing the tour above. 🙂

Okay finished with the little dutch mini vacation time for the road again and on to Germany down to the autobann . If you have a fast comfortable car this is perfect place to put the foot down to the metal for a bit..  I don’t recommend doing it for too long as when driving for so long you will get pretty tired and driving at extremely high speeds when a little tired is not recommended for obvious reasons. There are lots of Rasthouses in Germany so you can book yourselves into a room and get a good nights sleep when you start feeling your eyes getting heavy..  Or if you are on a budget there are rest stops along the road where you can pull in for a few hours at a time and grab some sleep.  I found the food and pastries etc in Germany are very nice only problem I have with Germany is some of the employees have an attitude of someone who just had their brother shot by you..  But hey that’s their problem not yours.


After Germany on to Switzerland a little on the expensive side but very beautiful we stayed in a lovely hotel overlooking the Alps absolutely amazing and the morning air was so fresh. There after on our way to Italy the mad drivers and lots of Tolls. In Italy you have choices drive fast or become a target for the mafia lol..  They drive like maniacs everyone seems to drive at least  150 KM PER HOUR In Italy so if you don’t you would be probably causing an obstruction and not be too popular. I definetely recommend stopping off at some beautiful beaches along the road. The sea is a beautiful shade of green and in the summer the temperature of the water is just perfect.

Food during the day can also be a bit of a problem restaurants seem to open in the evening so during the day you may be left eating parma ham sandwiches home made pizza which looks like  well done tomatoe puree on overcooked french baguette with no cheese. Or some type of biscuits or pretzels..  Not exactly a feast but if you have any sense you will buy a few supplies in Germany before hitting the food free zones it also helps if you have an icebox or mini fridge. After enjoying the drive and intense 45% TEMPERATURES in Italy arrive in Ancona ready for your 19 hour boat trip to Patras on Superfast. The hospitality of the Greeks on superfast is second to none though they do tend to go through little rants at times, But hey we can  just put that down to all those rays from the sun..

Then we arrive in Patras stay in a Hotel by the sea head out for a nice evening in a typical Greek Restaurant yes indeed my favourite part of the holiday begins, The Greek food,Greek atmosphere hospitality and beautiful white villas and shops. The next morning up early and set off for Athens, I am cheating a little as my sister lives there outside a village called Pendelis. So I didn’t need to book any hotels in Athens, but a visit to Loutsa to the beach and some of the best home made ice cream you can imagine.  The Souvlaki in Pendelis and the lovely little restaurants beside the Acropolis together with a visit to the ruins of the parthenon and outdoor theatre are well worth a visit.   Just chill out enjoy the food weather and hospitality and crazy drivers and most of all remember when in Greece do what the crazy Greeks Do..  Enjoy 🙂


Driving To Greece From Ireland

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