Things To Do In Bulgaria

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Things To Do In Bulgaria

Thinking of a trip to Bulgaria this winter or summer?  Then here are some travel tips for anyone travelling to Bulgaria this year.

Places to visit

Winter Resorts Bulgaria


It is possibly the most popular winter resorts to visit and Banso is the biggest ski resort in Bulgaria. . A lot of people associate Bulgaria with a cheep and cheerful winter holiday. To your surprise Bansko, as well as many other resort can be also a luxury place to visit at an affordable price. Located in the picturesque Pirin mountain Bansko will welcome any ski and snowboarding lovers. Situated only 160 km(100miles) from Sofia Airport the resort is very popular not only among tourists, but alot of locals go there to enjoy excellent choice. You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to restaurants and hotels, too.

things to do in Bulgaria

One of the luxury hotels in Bansko

The ski season in Bulgaria lasts from 15th of December till the 15th of May  and since it’s sunny for the majority of those days you can be sure you will get plenty of winter sun. For many people ski holiday is also a great opportunity to enjoy a nice Spa and beauty treatments. Why don’t you book one in any of the modern hotels. Overall Bansko offers great value for money as well as great choice of places to eat and stay.


Pamporovo is another jem of the Bulgarian family friendly ski resorts. Located only 85 km from Plovdiv airport and 240 km from Sofia airport,Pamporovo is a popular location for ski and snowbording lovers.  Nicely sitting on the sloapsof Rodopa mountain, this place will welcome with its 120 sunny days.

things to do in bulgaria

For advanced skiers there are difficult ski runs like “the Wall”.

Pamporovo specializes in beginners ski schools, so if you are a beginner or have a young family this is your place to be this winter. With it’s rounded mountain slopes the place is ideal for beginners.
Pamporovo will welcome you in one of it’s modern or traditional hotels. Most hotels offer affordable packages including lift passes, lesson and ski rental for up to 6 days. The ski season starts in mid December and it lasts till the end of April. For the whole time the slops are well maintained and looked after.


Summer Resorts Bulgaria

You can simply go skiing one week and next week you can go to one of the Summer resorts and enjoy the summer sun in Bulgaria. Without a doubt the most remarkable place in Sozopol is the Sozopol old town. You will see authentic Bulgarian architecture


By far this is one of the best kept secrets when it comes where you can go and enjoy beautiful scenery,amazing beaches and countless bars and restaurants. Sozopol is one of the oldest towns in Bulgaria and it’s worth the visit. In Sozopol you will get the best of both world. You will get to enjoy the authentic old architecture , where some of the buildings date from the ancient Roman/Greek times,but at the same time you will get to see all the modern facilities and have great time with the family.

things to do in bulgaria sozopol

Green life Beach in Sozopol is waiting for you

Sozopol is located only 35km (less than 20 miles)  from Burgas airport and this makes it very attractive to all its visitors. It is a family friendly location as the beaches are covered with a nice soft sand  and there is plenty of sunshine from May till the beginning of October. A nice thing to do in the early evening would be to take a boat trip to the small unpopulated island near Sozopol which will give you wonderful views and plenty of reasons to take photos for.

Sunny Beach

If you have heard of one place in Bulgaria, when it comes to summer holiday resort , it has got to be Sunny Beach. This is a resort build beside two all year locations-Nessebar and Sveti Vlas. Most people go to Sunny Beach simply to enjoy themselves and get a good value for money.

things to do in bulgaria sunny beach

sky line in Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is the most popular and the largest resort in Bulgaria and it welcomes thousands of tourists every summer. Sunny Beach is also popular with its wild night life and endless parties. If you like seeing yourself with a cocktail in your hand in a warm night at the beach this is a place for you. The most famous beach bars and night clubs are Cacao Beach, Bedroom Beach Club and Briliantin Beach Bar.There are also activities for the whole family There are two aqua parks,  an amusement park in the center and countless restaurants and cafes.


Bulgaria is a wonderful place to visit any time of the year.Here are some travel tips for anyone travelling to Bulgaria this year.

Tips for travelling in Bulgaria

1. Make sure you have some Bulgarian currency at all times. A lot of places do accept card payments but you are better being sure.

2. Bulgarians shake their heads for a “no” when in reality that  means “yes”. So just to be sure the only two words I would recommend you to learn if you don’t want to learn any bulgarian are “yes” -“da” in bulgarian and “no”pronounced “ney” to avoid any confusion.

3.Most bulgarians understand English even if they will avoid speaking it . In the bigger towns you will have no problem ordering food or getting about, but if you are plannin to visit any of the rural places you are better off getting a guide to help you along the journey

4.In Bulgaria you can buy and drink alcohol any time and almost any where. Every garage and caffee has a rich choice of local wines, beers and spirits. They come at a very affordable price, so if you are not driving make sure you try some.


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Things To Do In Bulgaria

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