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At the moment we are staying in the Denevi Resort in Sveti Vlas Bulgaria, the weather has been very hot up to 37 Degrees.

We have been travelling through Europe from 20th July after they lifted the Corona 2 weeks quarantine from Bulgaria.
Here are 5 places that we recommend you visit on your trip to Bulgaria

1. Denevi Resort Sveti Vlas in Bulgaria and St Vlas Town- St Vlas was a village but has recently reached town status at it has been growing and been developed at an astronomical rate. Since our last visit 6 years ago I have seen a huge amount of development including new road infrastructure, lots of growth of the City in Burgas and St Vlas. The Denevi resort has a Marina, restaurants a beautiful beach. Vlas itself has now a few large shopping centers and lots of local shops and restaurants which the locals use and tends to be a lot cheaper than the tourist resort Sunny Beach which is 3 miles down the road.
Denevi Resort Beach

Denevi Resort By The Pool

2. Sunny Beach – Sunny Beach is a well-known tourist destination in Bulgaria it has everything you can think of all kinds of water sports, beach bars Irish pubs and too many restaurants to mention here, You can also get on the Sunny Beach trains on wheels which take tourists on a tour around Sunny Beach. Prices in Sunny Beach tend to be much higher than Burgas or St Vlas but will still seem reasonably cheap compared to being at home in UK or Ireland.

3. Burgas – Is the 4th largest city in Bulgaria definitely one of my favourites, lots of shops entertainment, nightlife, playparks for the kids. The atmosphere is great there are lots of shops and restaurants including Greek, Italian, Chinese and fish restaurants at the time of writing this article the exchange rate is just over 2 BGN Bulgarian Levs for £1, If you are changing money you generally will get a much better exchange rate changing your pounds in Bulgaria than changing them at home in the post office.

Greek restaurant in Burgas

Greek Restaurant In Burgas

4. Nessebar – There are two parts to Nessebar there are the New Part and the Old Part of the town. The new part is full of shops stalls restaurants. The old part has got very distinct old buildings and dates back 300 years to Thracian times. There are beautiful views also restaurants and coffee shops with amazing sea views, there are also lots of shops and Bulgarian ornaments for sale.

5. Sozopol – This is one of my favourites coming a close first with Burgas, Sozopol is similar to Nessebar in style with the very old Bulgarian buildings etc. It has boat trips and if you are not driving you can sit at the table an enjoy a beer while watching the sunset over the horizon. Again it has lots of restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream stalls, shops and ornaments and trinkets for sale. In the summer the parking costs 1.50 Leva per hour if you have difficulty walking etc it may be an idea to get some kind of mobile transport to take you around as it can be quite a lot to walk around.

Ornament Shop in Sozopol

Ornament shop in Sozopol 

Yacht Club In Sozopol

Yacht Club In Sozopol

I hope you found this post useful feel free to let us know about any other places in Bulgaria you recommend that we have missed in this article


Boat Trip In Sozopol Bulgaria

Of all the holidays I have been on.   I always remember the boat  trip we had in Sozopol.  It was a lovely sunny day we all got on the boat.  Alot of people where sitting having a beer before we finally sailed off away from the shore.

Boat Trip In Sozopol Bulgaria

Boat Trip In Sozopol Bulgaria

We sailed off and came back just as the sun was starting to set, what an amazing day.

I have been to Sozopol many times and I would highly recommend it :-).  It reminds me quite a lot of another place called The Old City Of  Nessebar.  Not too far away from Sunny Beach in Bulgaria.

When walking around the centre of Sozopol you can see looking at many of the buildings.That they have been around for hundreds of years.

In fact if you continue to walk down the pier on your right hand side (when Facing The Water) At the very end you will come to a Greek Restaurant which is also surely worth a visit.

The Seaviews are nice and the food is 100% Authentic with a typical Greek Restaurant Atmosphere..

Old House In Sozopol

Old House In Sozopol

As you walk around the centre of Sozopol you will come across lots of ornament shops, places that sell Bulgarian Banitsa (Filo Pastries With Feta Cheese Yogurt and in some cases spinach)

Ice cream shops and traditional Bulgarian Coffee shops (yes in Bulgaria drinking coffee is a huge pass time thing to do)

So if you are just looking for an nice relaxing outing just to chill out enjoy the friendly local restaurants or just enjoy the good life while lazing around or lying by the sea..

Not forgetting  all the cool historic buildings you will get to visit in the process.


Boat Trip In Sozopol Bulgaria



Things To Do In Bulgaria

Thinking of a trip to Bulgaria this winter or summer?  Then here are some travel tips for anyone travelling to Bulgaria this year.

Places to visit

Winter Resorts Bulgaria


It is possibly the most popular winter resorts to visit and Banso is the biggest ski resort in Bulgaria. . A lot of people associate Bulgaria with a cheep and cheerful winter holiday. To your surprise Bansko, as well as many other resort can be also a luxury place to visit at an affordable price. Located in the picturesque Pirin mountain Bansko will welcome any ski and snowboarding lovers. Situated only 160 km(100miles) from Sofia Airport the resort is very popular not only among tourists, but alot of locals go there to enjoy excellent choice. You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to restaurants and hotels, too.

things to do in Bulgaria

One of the luxury hotels in Bansko

The ski season in Bulgaria lasts from 15th of December till the 15th of May  and since it’s sunny for the majority of those days you can be sure you will get plenty of winter sun. For many people ski holiday is also a great opportunity to enjoy a nice Spa and beauty treatments. Why don’t you book one in any of the modern hotels. Overall Bansko offers great value for money as well as great choice of places to eat and stay.


Pamporovo is another jem of the Bulgarian family friendly ski resorts. Located only 85 km from Plovdiv airport and 240 km from Sofia airport,Pamporovo is a popular location for ski and snowbording lovers.  Nicely sitting on the sloapsof Rodopa mountain, this place will welcome with its 120 sunny days.

things to do in bulgaria

For advanced skiers there are difficult ski runs like “the Wall”.

Pamporovo specializes in beginners ski schools, so if you are a beginner or have a young family this is your place to be this winter. With it’s rounded mountain slopes the place is ideal for beginners.
Pamporovo will welcome you in one of it’s modern or traditional hotels. Most hotels offer affordable packages including lift passes, lesson and ski rental for up to 6 days. The ski season starts in mid December and it lasts till the end of April. For the whole time the slops are well maintained and looked after.


Summer Resorts Bulgaria

You can simply go skiing one week and next week you can go to one of the Summer resorts and enjoy the summer sun in Bulgaria. Without a doubt the most remarkable place in Sozopol is the Sozopol old town. You will see authentic Bulgarian architecture


By far this is one of the best kept secrets when it comes where you can go and enjoy beautiful scenery,amazing beaches and countless bars and restaurants. Sozopol is one of the oldest towns in Bulgaria and it’s worth the visit. In Sozopol you will get the best of both world. You will get to enjoy the authentic old architecture , where some of the buildings date from the ancient Roman/Greek times,but at the same time you will get to see all the modern facilities and have great time with the family.

things to do in bulgaria sozopol

Green life Beach in Sozopol is waiting for you

Sozopol is located only 35km (less than 20 miles)  from Burgas airport and this makes it very attractive to all its visitors. It is a family friendly location as the beaches are covered with a nice soft sand  and there is plenty of sunshine from May till the beginning of October. A nice thing to do in the early evening would be to take a boat trip to the small unpopulated island near Sozopol which will give you wonderful views and plenty of reasons to take photos for.

Sunny Beach

If you have heard of one place in Bulgaria, when it comes to summer holiday resort , it has got to be Sunny Beach. This is a resort build beside two all year locations-Nessebar and Sveti Vlas. Most people go to Sunny Beach simply to enjoy themselves and get a good value for money.

things to do in bulgaria sunny beach

sky line in Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is the most popular and the largest resort in Bulgaria and it welcomes thousands of tourists every summer. Sunny Beach is also popular with its wild night life and endless parties. If you like seeing yourself with a cocktail in your hand in a warm night at the beach this is a place for you. The most famous beach bars and night clubs are Cacao Beach, Bedroom Beach Club and Briliantin Beach Bar.There are also activities for the whole family There are two aqua parks,  an amusement park in the center and countless restaurants and cafes.


Bulgaria is a wonderful place to visit any time of the year.Here are some travel tips for anyone travelling to Bulgaria this year.

Tips for travelling in Bulgaria

1. Make sure you have some Bulgarian currency at all times. A lot of places do accept card payments but you are better being sure.

2. Bulgarians shake their heads for a “no” when in reality that  means “yes”. So just to be sure the only two words I would recommend you to learn if you don’t want to learn any bulgarian are “yes” -“da” in bulgarian and “no”pronounced “ney” to avoid any confusion.

3.Most bulgarians understand English even if they will avoid speaking it . In the bigger towns you will have no problem ordering food or getting about, but if you are plannin to visit any of the rural places you are better off getting a guide to help you along the journey

4.In Bulgaria you can buy and drink alcohol any time and almost any where. Every garage and caffee has a rich choice of local wines, beers and spirits. They come at a very affordable price, so if you are not driving make sure you try some.


Booking Flights To Bulgaria


Things To Do In Bulgaria

Things To Do In Burgas

Burgas is one of the first places I visited on my second trip to Bulgaria and it was a pleasant surprise from all the other places I visited on my first trip. There is something about the city, it is warm and there is a certain atmosphere about it which I didn’t see in any of the other cities I visited.  There was some nice places to eat we had a daily haunt in bogaridi street where we ate.  You need to be careful where you eat when you find somewhere good sticking to it may not be a bad idea..  In Bulgaria good and bad eating places can take your eating too extremes  farther than you may want to go..  See where the local middle class are going and you probably will not go far wrong..

Burgas is a city on the Bulgarian Southern Black Sea coast. It developed more actively in the beginning of 20th century and today it is a large industrial center with many tourist attractions in the region. Built by the sea and surrounded by lakes, Burgas offers relatively mild weather characterized by cooler summers and warmer winters.

Water and Sand Sports and Activities

In summer you can go surfing and kite-surfing in the bay. There are a few surf and sea sports schools, which you can find on the North Beach. You can also book diving.

The North Beach

  • St. Anastasia island (formerly known as Bоlshevik island) is visible from any point from the Burgas beach. Boats to St. Anastasia island leave from the Bridge. Offered in July and August, leaving at 10:00, 12:00 and 14:00.
  • Bourgas Sand Fest [15] is festival of the sand sculptures held from the beginning of July until the end of August. The sand covers more than 4 ha. in the northern part of the Sea Garden (near the Park Hotel) artists from all over the world (Indonesia, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Ukraine, Russia and of course Bulgaria) create stunning sand sculptures. Entrance is free. Everyone is welcome to take pictures.
  • Burgas Yachting Week  takes place at the end of April near the Port and the Most (The Bridge) on the beach. Participants are usually 20-30 yachts from Greece, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria.

Other sports and activities

Carting Speedway126 Stefan Stambolov Bul (Kolodruma), Working time: 11:00-20:30, Speedway – length: 320 m., width: 4m

You can do also do some extreme sports like paragliding or moto-paragliding. Courses and tandem-flights are offered as well. Sky Dog Fly Center, 4 Troykata Sq., fl.2, office 8

More recently small companies have started their own private businesses which offer a range of activities for tourists as well as for local people. One of them is PH QUADS which offer an amazing Quad Bike / ATV safari around the hills of Marinka – small village between Burgas and Sozopol with splendid nature.


Shopping in Burgas The Shopping area is in the center of the town. It consists of two main streets and a few more small ones. The prices are reasonable. Some of the shops offer local brands while others are international (Benetton, etc.)

Gold shops are pretty popular. Most of the gold jewelry is imported from Turkey.

Silver jewelry is offered on stands on the high street.

A few shopping malls are constructed in the city but the global crunch postponed some of them. The Burgas Plaza Mall is located at the end of Izgrev living districts. To get there from the city center take bus 211 and get off at the last stop.

International chains like Billa, Carrefour and Metro can also be found in the city.

Burgas has many cafés and small bars. On the main streets you will bump into their chairs especially in summer.

Broadway and Silver Club are good places for a cocktail and modern dance and pop music.

In summer the Sea Garden is full of cafeterias and beer-places or small pubs. The sandy line is covered with night-bars and discos playing all kind of music.

The international phone code for Burgas is 056. When dialed from abroad, first dial +359 (for Bulgaria), ex. +359 56 123456.

There are two post offices in the city center and there you can make international calls in urgent cases.

  • The Old Post Office – located at the crossroad in front of the central entrance of the train station.
  • The New Post Office – located in front of the central entrance of the Burgas Free University

Free Wi-Fi spots:

  • Cafe-bar Nataly’s – in the west entrance of Bulgaria Hotel
  • Tria Shopping Center, the cafe on the ground floor
  • London Pub and Restaurant, 4a Tsar Simeon I

Other Places Close By 

  • Istanbul is just some 4 or 5 hours drive from Burgas (including the time on the Custom Formalities). There are many bus-companies offering excursions by bus or just transport to Istanbul and other cities in Turkey. The trip to Istanbul can be made in a day but an overnight is recommended as the city is very rich in culture and sights. Before heading to Istanbul check the visa formalities and take your passport. Depending on your nationality small entrance fee is paid upon entrance to Turkey.

Orchestra preparing for performance at Nesseber’s open air music scene

  • Nesebar (also Nessebur) is small town under the UNESCO World Heritage conservation program. It is extremely picturesque and attractive. There you can see the Old Metropolitan Church (4 A.D.) and amazing architectural details from the Byzantine epoch. It is located 40 kilometers North of Burgas. Regular public bus lines run every 20 minutes from Burgas to Nesebar and Sunny Beach. The first bus leaves at 5 am and the last at 11 pm. One way adult ticket is 6 leva (3,05 euro) (January 2012).
  • Sunny Beach – is large holiday complex just a kilometer from Nessebur. In summer the two villages almost merge in one big party and holiday center. Sunny Beach is sometimes called the summer party capital. There are more than 200 hotels and thousands of clubs, bars and pubs. One of the most famous party places is Cacao Beach with guest DJs like Victor Calderone, or bands like UK’s Ladytron.
  • Pomorie is located 20 km to the North of Burgas. Buses to there run regularly from the central bus station. The Pomorie Thracian Tomb is located near the village of Pomorie. It is open for visitors only in summer. Book a visit from a local travel agency.


  • Sozopol – is famous for its ancient and renaissance buildings. The city is located 30 kilometers to the South of Burgas. To get there is public transport leaving from Burgas bus station South which is in the city center. The first buses in the morning leave at 5 am and the last bus for Sozopol is at 9 pm. One way adult ticket is 4 leva (2 euro) (August 2009).
  • Campings – near Sozopol there are two camping sites very famous among windsurfers and other water and wind sport fans. These are Gradina (Garden) and Zlatna Ribka (Gold Fish). A few surf schools are open there from May to October. Equipment is available for rent.
  • Ropotamo Reserve is located 50 kilometers to the South of Burgas. There visitors can see wild sand dunes, rocky formations and authentic flora and wildlife. Around visitors can also enjoy water lilies. There you can take a boat trip up or down the river. To get there the best will be to take a car. Alternatively you can try to reach the town of Primorsko and take some public transport or travel agency from there.
  • St. Ivan island (the Snakes’ island) located to the south, near the village of Primorsko. You can search for a boat or small ship for an excursion to there. It is called snake due to the number of water snakes that inhabit the island. Naturally grown cacti can also be observed there.
  • Strandzha mountains – A world-famous attraction in the region around the mountains Strandzha and Sakar to the south of Burgas are the authentic fire dancers, called nestinari (нестинари). The mountains are good for biking and hiking.
  • Bourgas Mineral Baths – The mineral baths are located 15 km to the northwest of the Burgas city center, near the village of Banevo. There is regular bus line that runs on 30 minutes intervals, buses are leaving from the bus stop at the New Post. The mineral springs are hot (41C) and lightly mineralised (0,604 gr/liter). The spa center is surrounded by huge forest-like garden. The place is ideal for a picnic.
  • Cape Emine and Irakli – Cape Emine is located 54 kilometers from Burgas and it divides geographically the Bulgarian Black Sea coast to South and North. The cape is the most eastern part of the Balkans (Stara planina) mountain chain and end of the European hiking route E-H, the Bulgarian part of which is the route Kom – Emine. The cape itself is vertical 60-meter cliff, surrounded by hundreds and underwater rocks. North of the cape is Irakli Protected Area.


The Southern Black Sea coastal line has suffered heavily from the construction boom of holiday resorts and complexes from the 2000 – 2008 period. As alternative to the traditional summer vacation there are a few campsites situated on picturesque beaches in the Burgas region. For travelers without cars – most of them are accessible by public transport to the main village and then by walk or hitchhike.

To the North of Burgas:

  • Zora (near the town of Obzor)
  • Nesebar bungalows (near Nesebar)
  • Bolyarski stan (near Ravda)
  • Aheloy campsite (near the village Aheloy)
  • Villas Mariana (near Pomorie)

To the South of Burgas:

  • VTEPS Chernomorets (Chernomorets)
  • Gradina (Chernomorets)
  • Zlatna ribka (Sozopol)
  • Kavatsi (Sozopol)
  • Kiten campsite (Kiten)
  • Camping Yug (Kiten)
  • Camping Koral (Lozentez)
  • Pipilota (Lozenetz)
  • Oasis (Lozenetz)
  • Arapya campsite (Tzarevo)
  • Morski briz (Tzarevo)
  • Nestinarka (Tzarevo)
  • Zelenika (Ahtopol)
  • Slunchev den/Sunny Day (Ahtopol)
  • Siniya laguna/Blue lagoon (Ahtopol)
  • Zafo bungalows (Sinemoretz)
  • Silistar (less than 1 kilometer from the Bulgarian-Turkish boarder)

My personal view on Burgas is it is an awesome place for a Holiday and would recommend it for anyone, only one thing is sometimes it is cheaper to get a friend who is local to price things as some people in Bulgaria are inclined to take advantage of foreigners. And charge a higher price this would also be true throughout Bulgaria.  You will find that Burgas is also a lot cheaper than Sunny Beach which has been commercialised mainly for tourists so prices there tend to be more like UK prices than Bulgarian..


Things To Do In Burgas

Pamporovo ski resort is located in the heart of the Rhodopi mountain. It is the sunniest Bulgarian mountain resort. The ski slopes of Pamporovo are safe guarded and maintained in a very good condition.Pamporovo enjoys 120 sunny days in winter. The ski zone is marvelous offering ski slopes with overall length of 37km suitable for all ages and abilities, but being mostly famous as an excellent choice for beginners and intermediates. The resort boasts a new snowmaking system composed of 80 snow cannons covering 90% of the ski runs as well as a new 3740m long ski run serviced by unique 6-chair open lift.pamporovo bulgaria


Queuing is rare due to a new up-to-date system of rope-ways, a product of the famous Austrian company “Axess” with capacity of 11,600 persons per hour. For the snowboarders there is a new 100m long half-pipe run, which together with the LED-lighted night run complement the ski magic. The gentle profile of the mountain with its rounded slopes and summits makes Pamporovo suitable for beginners. But there are difficult ski runs like “The Wall” for the advanced skiers. Ski rentals are available near the ski runs and the lift stations, you can book ski equipment rental, ski school and lift pass with us, as well.pamporovo bulgaria ski holiday


New for ski season 2013/2014: 5 million Euro are invested in Pamporovo ski centre for the new ski season in Bulgaria. A new lift equipment (high speed quad) is 1 kilometer long and will connect the “Two bridges” site with Snezhanka peak. The company plans to install additional lighting system for the ski slopes in the resort, as well as improvement of the system for artificial snow.

Location: Pamporovo ski resort is located 85 km from Plovdiv and 240 km from Sofia. The resort is situated on 1650 m above the sea level in the Rhodopi mountain at the foot of Snejanka peak (1926 m).

Resort information: Pamporovo is the sunniest Bulgarian mountain resort. The winter here is soft with 120 sunny days. The ski pistes are covered with snow throughout the whole skiing season that lasts from December till April. The average air temperature is – 3 °C.

The rounded mountain slopes and summits are suitable for skiing and snowboarding for beginners.
For advanced skiers there are difficult ski runs like “the Wall”.ski holiday bulgaria pamporovo

Pamporovo mountain rescue service: (+359) 309 58336; (+359) 1475.

Medical & dental services: Ambulance, first aid on the ski slopes and clinic as well as 24 h a day emergency ski patrol service are available. Fully equipped hospitals, pharmacies and dentists are available in the town of Smolyan and in Chepelare resort.


Pamporovo is well known for its ski school, which offers brilliant ski instructors that are very enthusiastic and patient and who all speak exceptionally good English.

Things To Do In Sunny Beach Bulgaria

1. Spend the day at Cacao Beach – Cacao Beach is a great spot for a day on the sand, with its lively atmosphere, it is definitely worth a visit. Get yourself a beer at one of the beach bars, rent a jet ski, or just relax on the sand.

2. Visit the Summer Theatre – The Summer Theatre in Sunny Beach has been around for over 70 years and is a great place to take in a show or a concert.

3. Explore Old Nessebar – Located on a small peninsula, old Nessebar is a beautiful town here in Bulgaria. Learn about the city’s history, by strolling around the cobblestone streets, and checking out the UNESCO World Heritage Sites here.

4. Try water sports – The calm, clean water at Sunny Beach is a great spot for watersports. Try your hand at windsurfing, kayaking, or even parasailing!

5. Enjoy a day of fun at Action Aqua Park – If you’re looking for some thrilling fun, Action Aquapark is the way to go. There are a variety of slides, rides, and pools to enjoy.

6. Take a boat ride on the Black Sea – Head out to sea and take a boat ride to explore the surrounding areas. Enjoy the views of the shoreline from out at sea or hop on and off for a few islands and beaches.

7. Relax at the Spa – Relaxing spa days are easily found here. Choose from a variety of massage services, saunas, and hot tubs to relax in.

8. Take a street food tour – Eating your way through Sunny Beach is a great way to get a taste of the culture. Take a tour of the city and sample the traditional Bulgarian cuisine served by the locals.

9. Experience the Nightlife – For those looking for a night out, Sunny Beach comes alive with bars and clubs open every night.

10. Visit the Botanical Garden – Enjoy the flowers, plants, and wildlife in the Botanical Garden. This is a great spot to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Here are some videos with ideas for things to do in Sunny Beach Bulgaria… Sunny Bulgaria is somewhere we visit regularly there are lots of things to do the weather is amazing definitely worth checking out if you haven’t been already worth a visit…

Things To Do In Sunny Beach Bulgaria

Bansko ski resort is the best winter resort in Bulgaria with the longest ski runs and the rich cultural history. The town of Bansko is situated at the foot of the Pirin mountain in the southwestern Bulgaria, 160 km from Sofia. The resort offers excellent ski and snowboard conditions and infrastructure. A lot of hotels of various standards and prices are available for booking on-line. Regarding Apres ski – the resort offers hundreds of bars and traditional restaurants called ‘mehana’. The Bansko mountain resort is an excellent choice for your ski and snowboard holiday in Bulgaria.

where to go on a ski holiday bansko, bulgaria

Welcome to Bansko!


Location: Bansko is a ski and mountain resort located in the southwestern part of Bulgaria. The town is situated 6 km from the town of Razlog and 160 km from the capital of Sofia. Bansko lies on the two banks of the Glazne river at the foot of the Pirin mountain, right bellow the highest part of it. The Pirin mountain is an Alpine type mountain with its highest peak – Vihren (2914 m). The town of Bansko is located 925 m above the sea level whereas its ski area – at an altitude of 2000 – 2600 m.where to go on a ski holiday bulgaria. bansko

Resort information: Bansko ski resort is attractive in all seasons. It provides excellent ski and snowboard facilities, as well as a unique history and architecture of an old and new part of the town. Thanks to these features Bansko is a favorite ski and snowboard destination.

Bansko is number one ski resort in Bulgaria. It features the best ski center and the longest ski season of all Bulgarian ski resorts. The ski season in Bansko lasts from 15 December to 15 May.

During the recent years a multimillion Euros investment in a brand new skiing area has been made by Yulen, the company that runs the skiing area of Bansko. Numerous new luxury hotels and facilities in the area of the Gondola lift station have been constructed.

Bansko mountain rescue service: (+359) 887 100 241, (+359) 88 1474, (+359) 749 8 8132.

bansko bulgaria ski holiday

Medical & dental services: Ambulance, first aid on the ski slopes and clinic as well as 24 h a day emergency ski patrol service are available. Fully equipped hospitals, pharmacies and dentists are available in the town of Bansko.

All dental services and some medical services must be paid in cash to the doctors or clinics. They should provide the necessary receipts, bills and invoices describing the cost and the service, so that you can claim back the expense to your insurance company. In case of injury you should inform your insurance company and follow its instructions.