Sweden attractions: Tourism sites in Sweden

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Sweden is located in northern Europe. Stockholm is the capital and the largest city in this Nordic country. It is a prominent country in the Scandinavian Peninsula. Many parts of Sweden have a temperate climate.

Here is a brief overview of some popular tourism sites in Sweden.

Stora Sjofallet National Park

Located in northern Sweden, this national park is located about 20 km from the Arctic Circle. The park is within the Laponian Area (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). The park houses around 400 species of flora and about 125 species of birds. You will also find red fox, moose, reindeer, rabbit and ermine here. Skiing, fishing, hiking, ice climbing and snow mobiling are popular activities among tourists who visit here.

Laponian Area

Located in northern Sweden, this large mountainous wildlife area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In fact it is the world’s largest unmodified nature area to be still inhibited by natives. Around 95 percent of the area is protected.

Parliament House

Located in Stockholm, this building is the seat of power in Sweden. The structure was designed by Aron Johansson and was constructed between 1897 and 1905. The building stands as an example of the Neo-Baroque architecture.

Uppsala Cathedral

Located in the city of Uppasala, this cathedral is the tallest (118.7 m) church building in Scandinavia. It is the seat of the Archbishop of Uppsala and is controlled by the Lutheran Church of Sweden.

National Museum

Located in Stockholm, this national gallery exhibits an impressive art collection. Founded in 1792, this museum houses about half a million drawings. You will find works of famous artists like Rembrandt.


Nordstan is one of the largest shopping malls in northern Europe. Covering an area of about 320,000 sq m, this shopping center houses around 180 shops. Located in Gothenburg’s city center, this shopping mall offers parking space to around 2,700 cars.

Gothenburg Opera

This opera house is located in Gothenburg. Inaugurated in October 1994, this world class opera house has 1,301 seats. Its auditorium is built in the classical style. The orchestra pit has room for about 100 musicians.

Sweden attractions

Sweden attractions

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Oresund Bridge

This combined twin-track railway and duel carriageway bridge-tunnel connects Sweden and Denmark. Built across the Oresund Strait, this bridge is the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe.

Visit to the above-mentioned Sweden attractions will surely linger in your memory for a long time.

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