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A lot of different people love travelling and they will always jump at the idea to travel. Some people engage in travelling, not because they love it, but due to their job requirement. There are also some who only have few level of likeness for travelling and they will only do so once in a while mostly during holidays and vacations. It is very necessary to take everything you need to make your journey comfortable. If you are travelling to a meeting, official trip, or a business, it is of great importance to take along with you everything that will make travelling most fulfilling and enjoyable, because if you mistakenly forget something you would have needed to be taken along with you, it won’t just frustrate you but also affect the sweetness and purpose of the journey. Endeavor to take some extra cash with you, in-case of some unplanned expenses. Travelling involves planning ahead if you want to get a full benefit of your journey. For example, things you need for the journey and also the types of bag and suitcase suitable for the journey are what are expected for you to plan for before embarking on your journey. Though all these depend mostly on the mode and length of time you will be away from home. Obviously, your travel needs for a business trip would surely be different from a vacation.



Now the next question we need to ask is; why do we need to travel? Why do we need to leave our environment once in a while? Why are there needs for our emotional health to change environment? Most people don’t know the value of travelling, some even think travelling is mostly about fun, entertainment and enjoyment. And as much as these reasons cannot be under-estimated, there are still many more reasons to embark on that journey. Quoting Augustine of hippo when he said; “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. Travelling will give you the chance to do things you were unable to do. When you travel, you at least go out-doors. Leave your boring companions (computers, TVs) and mix with varieties of people with different culture. Travelling can be an opportunity for you to leave the hustling and buzzing life of the big cities to the relaxed and calm life of another location for at least few days or months. Some people travel to feel changes and move on with their lives, just like Robert Louis Stevenson said “I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake”. Some people’s reason to travel is to learn new things, new ideas, new cultures, just as stated by Mark Twain that “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” Travelling gives the chance to discover, explore and feel the pleasure of adventure.

The world as a whole keeps developing new and genuine reasons to travel, which has really helped move forward the tourism industry into growing worldwide and becoming the vast major profitable sector to the world economic. It’s no surprise that travel is of high increment every year. According to the recent figures published by WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council), world tourism industry grew by 4%, and contributed $6.9 trillion to world GDP by direct and indirect impact. For the first time, international tourist arrivals reached 1.035 billion.
There are many benefits that accompany travelling, here are few of them:


As you journey through miles away from home, what your body gains is a freedom of responsibilities and a mind for relaxation and rest. Not only does your body enjoy these privileges but also does the mind. The thought of you knowing you can wake up when you feel like it and not going to work alone takes the mental stress away from you. Relief from stress is a major reason to embark on that journey. The thought of you going for a tour in Florida or Paris ignites the sweet sensation of excitement and happiness thus giving you a stress free feeling. Though travelling can be stressful at-times if there are lots of activities involved in your trip, but the stress from travelling is quite different from that of home stress because travel stress is a positive stress which is not accompanied with any form of worry or anxiety. Travel, being a great way to explore and connect with nature, helps you to relax physically and mentally. Studies have shown that nature has a way of activating your right-half of the brain which is responsible for stress relief. Truly, a change of environment aids in stress relief.


Travelling gives you the chance of more movement, more walking, whether you are exploring the streets, taking a ride in a car (or boat), or taking a visit to the museum, all these activities help to stretch and strengthen the bone. You probably prefer to swim or lie on the beach, you can also enjoy the high dosage of vitamin D coming from the sun which is helpful for your bones as well as your positive emotions. Studies show that outdoor activities related to travelling lowers the chance of diabetic infection, aids in weight loss and also reduce the level of body cholesterol. Some studies however show that travel even improves better sleep.

Sometimes we feel like staying anonymous. Other times we want to get out of responsibilities. Travelling gives the dual opportunities of experiences like these. It allows us to meet new people and learn new cultures, and it also broadens our knowledge of how people tend to accomplish their mission and goals in many different ways.


Nothing feels much better than travelling with a friend, lover or companion. Sharing the same idea, experience and having fun together increases bond between both partners. Research made it known that over 93% of youth aged 8-18 consider travel as “a quality time” spent with their parents and loved ones . 3 in 4 parents confirm how helpful travelling on vacation has been in strengthening the family bond.

Many people attach happiness with travelling, this can be true. Travellers often take pictures of their destinations and the fun activities attached to them. They take pictures of new foods, eye catching sights, and a lot more others. All of this will surely activate the happiness in you. Travel is enjoyable if you have enough money. Nothing can beat the unending benefits attached to travelling.

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