Packing for a Trip Around Europe

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Most women have a love/hate relationship when it comes to traveling. So if you choose to go for a trip around Europe you need to have some basic items with you. The trick is to keep your look simple and smart. When we say smart we think about things you can do to make traveling more comfortable.


  1. Walking Shoes

We all know that we walk a lot when we are going traveling. Especially in Europe you have so many beautiful places to visit. Heels are surely out of the question. You need to pick flats, sports sneakers or urban plimsolls. Try a pair with a fun print, velvet or metallic shoes.

  1. Denim Jacket

An essential and timeless item you surely need. You can definitely wear the denim jacket with any type of clothing. Regardless what your style is, the denim jacket will look amazing with any outfit.

  1. Rain Jacket

You need to be prepared for any weather. So it’s better to pack the rain jacket and rain boots also. Choose a fun rain jacket with a cute print. Just because it’s rainy, that doesn’t mean you need to spend your time in the hotel room.


  1. Comfortable

Wear neutrals and dark colors. It’s better to wear mostly black, we all know all-black outfits are so fashionable right now. You can add of course a complementary color like beige, burgundy or navy blue. Also a good advice is to minimize your jewelry. Instead of wearing too many bracelets and rings, keep your accessories to minimum.

  1. Layer Up

Wear your most cozy jeans or leggings, preferably in a dark color. Wear them with a simple tee and a relaxed blazer. For layering you can add a biker jacket and a scarf. We all know that on the plane sometimes it gets chilly too.


Extra Tips:

  • Keep your makeup simple, skip the foundation and choose a moisturizing cream instead.
  • Pack a stylish hat, like a fedora or a cloche hat.
  • Purchase a colorful travel bag or a vintage one.
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