15 Things To Remember On Your Next Holiday

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15 Things To Remember On Your Next Holiday

You are packing your bags your holiday is booked then you start worrying what happens if I forget something important before I go?

That’s where these travel tips come in handy.

1. Check the country you are going to a good  before you go on your trip,find out if you or any one of your travelling companions need a visa on your passport before you go.

2.Make sure you have and bring a valid passport if you are lucky enough to be able to hold a duel nationality carry two just make sure you pack them separately in case any of your stuff goes AWOL on your trip.

3. If you are planning on driving or even if you are not bringing a driving license is a good idea. Besides you never know where you might get stranded and need to hire out a car.

4. Bring plenty of money in different forms possibly a couple of different currencies and have some money on a few different bank cards in case one of your cards get blocked.

5. Check with your bank providers before leaving and make sure your credit and/or debit cards work in the countries you are travelling too. If not then make some contingency plans before you leave the country.

6. If going by airplane make sure that you check the cabin baggage luggage measurements and weight before you leave to save any unexpected last minute surprises.

7. I recommend always having a couple of items for taking videos or pictures make sure you empty all your memory cards and fully charge your batteries before setting off on your trip.

8. Remember to bring chargers for all your electrical equipment like laptops,tablets,mobile phones and satellite navigation tools.

9. If you have a sattellite navigation system before you leave make sure it has maps installed for the country you are staying in.

10. It is also a good idea to get your mobile phone unlocked that means whenever you are travelling you can buy a pay as you go simcard and have telephone and internet access without getting huge bills for roaming and incoming calls etc.

11. Make sure you have adapters for any electrical stuff so you can use your chargers and electrical items in those sometimes strange sockets.

12. When driving abroad make sure to think carefully before setting off in a rental car what side of the road you are meant to be driving on. It is easy to end up on the wrong side of the road especially if you are getting a little tired.

13. Find out about the cultural differences the country has before setting off so you don’t end up in hot water by saying or doing the wrong thing.  I nearly got arrested in a bar in America for accepting a beer from a friend even though I was 26 because I didn’t show ID all hell broke lose lol…

14. Make sure to pack for the place you are going I remember when I went to New York I forgot one of my bags with my trousers and black shoes I arrived wearing a pair of shorts trainers and a T Shirt and when I arrived the rain bucketed down I looked like a drowned rat..  So if you are going to the Arctic bring your snow gear and if you are heading to Mauritius bring your T Shirt and shorts and make sure there are no storms expected when you arrive.

15. Expect the unexpected try to think ahead about the things you will need on your trip and the things that you take for granted be a prepared as possible. Also keep more than one wallet seperate your cards and money that way if you get robbed or lose something you won’t end up penny less in a strange country..

If you have any other great travel tips you would like to share with us feel free to post them in the comments section below.

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15 Things To Remember On Your Next Holiday

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