Things to Do in Mauritius

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Things to Do in Mauritius

Warm azure waters, ethereal beaches and powdery white sands all make up the surreal destination known as Mauritius. This gorgeous stretch of land dubbed as the Paradise Island, affords bliss to honeymooners; however there is a whole lot to explore even for other travellers.  So, here is a list of some of the things that you will enjoy doing in this nation.


Nature lovers rejoice

For nature and animal lovers Mauritius has emerged as an unmatched haven. From its numerous majestic beaches to nature reserves, nature lovers cannot go wrong here. La Vanille Park is an idyllic nature reserve that is home to innumerable species of reptiles, plants and other animals among which are giant tortoises and crocodiles. Tourists are guided during mesmerizing walks which introduce them to plantations of banana, giant bamboo and palm trees. Additionally, those looking to pet and feed giant tortoises can gain an unforgettable firsthand experience here. This valley also boasts freshwater springs and forested landscapes.

Travel down memory lane

In Port Louis a cobbled lane leads one to the Photography Museum from Municipal Theatre. Housed within a glorious stone building are numerous mesmerizing daguerreotypes, old cameras, equipment and prints. At this photography museum visitors gain access to memories from the glorious past of 1800s and early 1900s. The wide array of historical photos on display is relatively small compared to the even vaster collection of said photos. This treasure trove combined painstakingly by Tristan Bréville a local photographer, is now maintained by daughter Marie Julie and is cherished by tourists from around the globe. 

Delectable street food

Street food from this colourful island is highly recommended to every tourist because the unique flavours available here are simply incomparable. Local cuisine is an amalgamation of Chinese, Indian, Creole and African influences; hence the taste is uniquely delightful. Dishes served hot comprise of distinct yet complementary flavours from various regions which is why one’s taste buds revel in these remarkable tastes. Also, dining at Chez Tino situated in Trou d’Eau Douce is an absolute must in order to experience the finest of Mauritian cuisines and flavours.

Tea plantations and sugarcane fields

Winding roads enveloped partially but beautifully with fog lead tourists to the tea plantations where nature showcases its glory in a magnanimous manner. Even from the mist laden roads tea pickers can be spotted working in a serene setting that induces peace instantly. Among the various tea plantations one that must not be missed is Bois Cheri Tea Plantations. Guided tours are available here along with a vast menu of teas that are served piping hot at a terrace restaurant, which offers breathtaking views of the island’s inland region.

The inland region also comprises of vast expanses of fields dedicated solely to sugarcane farming. In fact, Mauritius is renowned for its history with this crop that was ushered in by Dutch Colonizers. Its production was encouraged by the French, later the British contributed towards making sugarcane a primary crop.

Visiting L’Aventure Du Sucre, which is a sugar museum that boasts its very own fields, allows tourists to discover the crop’s history in the nation. Also available here are samples of the various types of mouth-watering sugarcane. 

This concludes our article on  Things to Do in Mauritius hope you enjoyed it.

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