25 Things to Bring On Your Next Holiday

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Are you packing up for your next holiday there is nothing worse than going away and discovering you have forgotten something you wanted to bring so i decided to make a list of 20 things that you should bring on your holiday.

1. Mosquito repellant, their is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night and either hear buzzing and you don’t know where it’s coming from or you have a irritating itch and it wont go away no matter how many times you scratch yourself if only you had brought some mosquito repellant then your life would have been so much easier, and with one simple spray the itching would have been no more.

2.Camera, I think you would definitely need to bring a camera, just to record some memories unless you have a smartphone or you might just wanna bring it as a spare in case your phone runs out of battery.

3.Sunglasses, if your going to be out and about in the sun you may want something to protect your eyes this will be even more important if you are going to be driving in a sunny country.

4.Sat Nav / GPS, this is a must have especially if you don’t have GPS already built into your phone and it’s even more helpful if you’ve never been in that particular country.

5.multiple pairs of shoes, you should bring extra/differnt types of shoes first of all you should think about where you’re going and then bring shoes for where you’re going e.g. if your going somewhere sunny where there is beaches bring flip flops/sandles and if you’re going hiking somewhere bring hiking boots.

6.money, of course its always good to have some money to get yourself something nice.

7.credit/debit cards, similar to 6 but you wont have loose money that can fly out of your pocket or wallet when you open it.

8. plane/boat tickets, of course you’re gonna need these already booked in cas when you get to the airport they’re all sold out.

9.passport, you’re gonna want some I.D. if you’re traveling abroad.

10.drivers licence, this would be great to have with you in case you decide to rent a car.

11.boarding pass check in, you’re gonna want to print some of these out before you leave.

12.laptop/smartphone, these are handy to have to check what your friends have been up to while you’ve been away and even just to update your status and tell them how you’ve been doing.

13.wallet/purse/handbag, these are going to be helpful for all those little things you want to  carry.

14.map, if your going for a drive you’re gonna want to know exactly where you are.

15. Swimming clothes, if you’re going to have a day at the beach this is an essential for you to bring.

16.suitcase,this will help you lift everything big and in large amounts.

17.brief case/ hand baggage,somewhere you want to put things you’re going to be using on a plane e.g. phone, book ect.

18.earplugs/earphones/headphones, these are especially helpful if you want to sleep, listen to music or watch a video.

19.hairbrush, just to fix up yourself every so often .

20. cosmetics, so that you don’t have to buy expensive products from shops you’ve never been to.

21.mini first aid kit, in case you hurt yourself or someone else does, you’ll be prepared.

22.toothbrush/toothpaste, once again you don’t want to buy expensive products from places you’ve never been to

23.snacks for your journey, on a long plane trip it’s good to have something small to eat also i heard if you chew something while the plane is going down your ears won’t pop.

24.diary/notepad, somewhere to write down where your going and where you’ve been.

25.business cards, in case you meet someone new and want to talk to them even when you get back it’s always good to have some of these packed up with you.

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