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Are you packing up for your next holiday there is nothing worse than going away and discovering you have forgotten something you wanted to bring so i decided to make a list of 20 things that you should bring on your holiday.

1. Mosquito repellant, their is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night and either hear buzzing and you don’t know where it’s coming from or you have a irritating itch and it wont go away no matter how many times you scratch yourself if only you had brought some mosquito repellant then your life would have been so much easier, and with one simple spray the itching would have been no more.

2.Camera, I think you would definitely need to bring a camera, just to record some memories unless you have a smartphone or you might just wanna bring it as a spare in case your phone runs out of battery.

3.Sunglasses, if your going to be out and about in the sun you may want something to protect your eyes this will be even more important if you are going to be driving in a sunny country.

4.Sat Nav / GPS, this is a must have especially if you don’t have GPS already built into your phone and it’s even more helpful if you’ve never been in that particular country.

5.multiple pairs of shoes, you should bring extra/differnt types of shoes first of all you should think about where you’re going and then bring shoes for where you’re going e.g. if your going somewhere sunny where there is beaches bring flip flops/sandles and if you’re going hiking somewhere bring hiking boots., of course its always good to have some money to get yourself something nice. cards, similar to 6 but you wont have loose money that can fly out of your pocket or wallet when you open it.

8. plane/boat tickets, of course you’re gonna need these already booked in cas when you get to the airport they’re all sold out.

9.passport, you’re gonna want some I.D. if you’re traveling abroad.

10.drivers licence, this would be great to have with you in case you decide to rent a car.

11.boarding pass check in, you’re gonna want to print some of these out before you leave.

12.laptop/smartphone, these are handy to have to check what your friends have been up to while you’ve been away and even just to update your status and tell them how you’ve been doing.

13.wallet/purse/handbag, these are going to be helpful for all those little things you want to  carry., if your going for a drive you’re gonna want to know exactly where you are.

15. Swimming clothes, if you’re going to have a day at the beach this is an essential for you to bring.

16.suitcase,this will help you lift everything big and in large amounts.

17.brief case/ hand baggage,somewhere you want to put things you’re going to be using on a plane e.g. phone, book ect.

18.earplugs/earphones/headphones, these are especially helpful if you want to sleep, listen to music or watch a video.

19.hairbrush, just to fix up yourself every so often .

20. cosmetics, so that you don’t have to buy expensive products from shops you’ve never been to. first aid kit, in case you hurt yourself or someone else does, you’ll be prepared.

22.toothbrush/toothpaste, once again you don’t want to buy expensive products from places you’ve never been to

23.snacks for your journey, on a long plane trip it’s good to have something small to eat also i heard if you chew something while the plane is going down your ears won’t pop.

24.diary/notepad, somewhere to write down where your going and where you’ve been. cards, in case you meet someone new and want to talk to them even when you get back it’s always good to have some of these packed up with you.

Are You Planning To Go On A Holiday?

Before you set out on your journey, ensure you do a proper check on your travelling details, such as flight schedule, hotel reservations, currency exchange, etc.
Are You going to a new country or a new place chances are they have very different way of life, their culture may be completely from yours, it’s also a good idea before you set off on your trip to find out more about the local customs and ways of life.   Having a knowledge of a few of the basic words to communicate when you are there will also help. 

Using Google or You Tube you can easily find out a lot of information about the local language customs etc.   So to avoid any big surprises or shocks I suggest that you do some research before you leave. 🙂

Here Are 10 Top Travel Destinations That I recommend You Visit. 

Are You Planning To Go On A Holiday?

Are You Planning To Go On A Holiday?


  1. Luxembourg – Luxembourg is a very small place but definetely worth passing through there are a few really nice restaurants there and it makes an ideal place for a spot off when travelling through Europe by car.
  2. Switzerland – Switzerland is amazing the scenery is secont to none we stopped off in a hotel called the Pilates Hotel about 2am in the morning when  we woke up the next morning and looked out of the French doors we where looking onto lake como there where lovely boats, The breakfast was absolutely amazing pastries ham and cheese like no other.   It was a lovely village noticed that most people left their cars unlocked and took a lovely drive up the Alps.    The restaurants have lovely fresh smoothies and joices every kind you can imagine which is prepared  right in front of you. It may not be cheap as for 3 Adults and two children  lunch was about 130 Euro but definetely worth checking out for sure.
  3. France – France is not one of my favourite places as I am not big on the personality of most of the french people I have come across.  But I hear the south is France is maean’t to be very beautiful although I have driven through France many many times.  I stayed for 5 days in Paris I am not sure what all the hype about Paris is about I thought the city looked quite dirty and I could think of much nicer places to go on a vacation.
  4. Germany – Germany is a very beautiful country even if the Germans don’t all like foreigners that much.  The food is very good everything is kept spotless they have some great ideas and there are many beautiful building to see. If you take the country roads instead of the Autobahn you will find yourself driving through some very beautiful picturesque villages and towns.
  5. Holland – I lived in Holland up until I was 5 years old and even visiting it 30 years later it was just as I remembered it.   They have the best cheese and dairy products plus the potates mit Mayonaise and the Panakooks are amazing. Make sure you also taste their Sate dishes as they tastle like nowhere else.
  6. Austria – Austria is another very picturesque beautiful country to drive through the food is very similar to Gemany highly recommended if you haven’t been to Austria no trip is complete without a visit. In the summer the views are absolutely breathtaking.  In fact I even remember driving through Austria with my dad one January in the snow playing Johann Strauss The Blue Danube.  Yes definetely one of lives better memories highly recommended.
  7. Greece – When I think of Greece I think of hospitality, sunshine, great food and picturesque places, clear blue water with tropical fishes swimming around you. My dad was originally from Athens and I remember during my childhood visiting his brothers house in Kalamata by the beach…  All these amazing tropical fish swimming round your feet etc.  Yes there may be some financial problems going on in Greeece and due to the EU the prices can be a bit high.    But the location, the weather the amazing food, the hospitality, The desserts and pastries makes Greece along with Switzerland one of my top destinations to visit.
  8. Italy – Once again lovely weather Green Sea I love swimming in the warm sea in Italy. It is a beautiful country once again you need to be there to believe it.  Only problem we had when we where there is that the only thing to eat before 7pm in the evening was cold pizza or snacks.  All the restaurants open at night so if you want a decent meal patience is important.  The food is good and the drivers are crazy make sure you keep your foot well down on the accelerator when driving or you will attract a few crazy Italian drivers beeping the horn.
  9. Belgium – Belgium is similar to Holland good food just feels like exactly what it is.  Yes you are nearly in th emiddle of Europe everyone is speaking different languages but the place feels like the centre of civilisation.  If I was going to live somewhere Belgium would definetely be one of the countries high up on my list of consideration.
  10. Bulgaria – You either love it or you hate it good experiences or bad maybe a little of everything. The weather is hot places I recommend visiting on a trip to Bulgaria would be Nessebar,Sozopol,St Vlas and definetely worth a day out at Sunny Beach as well along  the black sea coast.  Prices in Sunny Beach are much higher than in the rest of Bulgaria specially for the tourists yes it is worth a visit but don’t spend all your time or money there. Also make sure when visiting Bulgaria that you visit Burgas it is an amzing place and definetely worth a visit.  You may come across some bad restaurants when you are there but after bing there a while you will discover the best places to eat. And when you do the food is great.