Things To Do In Greece

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Things To Do In Greece

One of my top places to go for a holiday is Greece, unfortunately I am not a keen fan of flying. Not for the normal reason which is a fear of flying in fact I actually quite like the flying part. I just think it is a joke the searches the radiation treatment at the airport , and the confiscation of all your goods and drinks along the journey. which is ridiculous.

So generally as I live in Northern Ireland I like to drive to Greece as I enjoy driving and getting to spend time in lots of European countries along the way. There are lots of lovely places to stopover including France,Germany,Austria,Switzerland,Holland,Italy,Luxembourg,Belgium,and if you like a bit of border entertainment you may want to visit Hungary,Romania and Bulgaria along the way too.. On our last trip we drove over mount Olympus in a campervan the only thing was we didn’t realize it was Mount Olympus until we saw a photo of it  on Facebook one night, and thought that looks familiar lol…


Okay when it comes to Greece there are so many places that are amazing to visit where should we start. As my dad was originally from Athens and it is one of my favourite places to be. The Acropolis is definetely a good place to start together with a visit to monastiraki…  The food is amazing the weather is beautiful it definitely feels like no where else I have been..

Discover the Top Places and Things to Do While Visiting Greece

You could possibly visit Greece to dive in the history of the architectural structures and the land, surround yourself with the unique culture or get enraptured with the fresh and delicious cuisine. Discover the origins of the historic tales of the legendary gods and goddesses when you tour the architectural wonder, the Parthenon, at the Acropolis in Athens.

Whatever your passion, finding the beauty of Greece is easy. It’s really a short walk down to the theater of Herodes Atticus and if you plan your schedule right, you can catch a concert there. Whilst in the area, climb up the Areopagus Hill where it is said you will have the best view of Athens. Tour deeper into the city to see the Olympic Stadium, ancient cemeteries and the Temple of Zeus. The city offers natural wonders as well with a rainforest nestled in its center, the National Garden, where you can relax for a while. If you actually want to get out into nature, you can hike the 10 mile Samaria Gorge.

Venture beyond the big city by taking a ferry to one of the nearby islands or the seaside tram to Glyfada Beach or Voula beach for a swim. For an out of the way and memorable beach adventure, you may want to seek out Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia, famous for its beauty, instead. Choose next to visit among the numerous galleries and museums, marketplaces or conventions scattered over the area.

Dine at one of many local restaurants providing a good amount of fresh seafood and native products or catch some music at one of the many taverns, which you’ll find open late into your night for evening entertainment. Don’t be frightened to try the cuisine even if you won’t be able to enunciate what they are called.

Greek food features some yummy lamb and octopus dishes you may overlook if you don’t. Saganaki is a fried cheese dish. Spanakopita is a delicious green spinach pie. To begin, you can try some fava (a dip produced from split peas) with bread. Mousaka, an eggplant dish, is yet another significantly Greek dish. Be aware, dinner, like the nightlife in Greece, often starts late and goes late into the night. These are only a few of the attractions Greece offers. Some, like the discovered city Ancient Akrotiri, the remains to be of the ancient marketplace Agora and Venetian Walls, you can find with a map.

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Things To Do In Greece

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