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Florida is a city that will offer the individual, couple, family, group of friends, bachelors and bachelorettes something memorable and exciting in terms of tourist attractions. It is assumed that Florida is only about surf, sun and sand and that nothing else happens there. Actually, some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, historical sites and amusement or theme parks can be found in Florida. No matter which part of the world that you are from, you will not miss something to enjoy here. Some of the top things to do in Florida include:

Visit The Castillo de San Marcos: This is a fort that is found in the St. Augustine area. This is a building that was considered one of the earliest settlements by the Europeans. It is considered a formidable fort because it was completely immune to surprise attacks. Its unique diamond design as well as its rich history makes this one of the top things to do in Florida.


Visit Disneyworld and Universal Orlando Resort: The kids and the adults who are kids at heart will definitely enjoy these 2 magical amusement parks. Disneyworld has 4 theme parks, a number of hotels and resorts as well as an Animal Kingdom. This is where all your magical fantasies created in the most popular films and animations from this studio come to life. Universal Orlando Resort has 2 theme parks, the famous Universal City Studios, hotels and even a nightclub. Getting in touch with your childhood while having a great time as adults will be well taken care of at these two theme parks.


Soak it up at Fort Lauderdale: This is a series of beaches, boats, canals, sun and sand. It was once known as the spring break destination but has now become the place to visit when looking for some sophistication and fun at the beach.

Appreciate Space at Kennedy Space Centre: Lovers of the skies will be able to take tours and even witness an actual launch of a spacecraft from this center that has been the launch pad of each and every space vessel launch since the 1960’s. There is a museum, movie theatre and a bus tour that the whole family can enjoy.


Cruise the Everglades: Take an airboat ride on this vast shallow river with rich grass cover. You will be able to view dolphins, alligators, bald eagles, manatees, exotic plants and trees such as the mangrove as well as the endless mass of grass covering this river. Not only will you be able to take an airboat tour, but you can hike, kayak, canoe and go fishing at the Everglades. This is for those looking to be one with nature.


Party it up in South Beach: This is the most popular spot in Florida in terms of pop culture. There was not a single TV show or film that is set in Florida that did not have this iconic beach in it. Lovers of art, the nightlife, fashion and the high life would definitely enjoy what South Beach has to offer.

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What  to do in Florida

Looking for Things To Do In Florida then look no further.

When you are considering things to do in Florida, you may be at a loss. For some people, there are obvious answers, like beaches and theme parks, but that is not so for others. Depending on what you enjoy, there are numerous options for entertainment and excitement here. Florida is one of the best places to go on vacation because of how many things you can do here. Whether you want a relaxing time out on the water or you want to feel like a child again, or anything else, this is the state for you to visit for your vacation.

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There are some of the more obvious answers to the question, “Where is there to do in Florida?” For a lot of people, especially families, you can go to one of the theme parks here. There are numerous, especially around the Orlando area, so you can find the one that fits your interests. Another major attraction in Florida is the beaches, like with Cocoa Beach. You have a lot of famous spots here because of how popular these beaches are. For anyone looking for a nice, sunny vacation, full of surf and sand, you can find beaches either on the Atlantic or on the Gulf of Mexico, whichever one you like more.

Orlando, Florida – Top 10 things to see and do on your family vacation

Some people are looking for different things to do in Florida, however. If you are trying to find a more luxurious or exciting vacation, where you have top restaurants and a lot of shopping, there are several cities here that might fit what you want. The biggest is Miami, which offers top restaurants, hotels, and shopping, along with sights that you cannot find elsewhere. It is also the location of South Beach, a huge beach and major attraction for anyone interested in the Miami lifestyle. Anyone visiting this city can enjoy it immensely because of all of the different things to do, from experiencing culture to partying to much more.

One of the things to do in Florida that some people forget is simply relaxing. If you are trying to find a way to get back to nature and to find some time to yourself, you can fish or enjoy the beauty of this state. The Keys are the perfect place to go for fishing and nature, and you can also go into the Everglades if you want to see local Florida life at play. Both are incredible and unforgettable, especially if you have someone knowledgeable guiding you through them.