Five Reasons to Choose Barbados as Your Next Holiday Destination

Phil Stowers  —  3:28 pm

As the UK starts to get used to waking up to grey skies every morning, it’s only natural to start daydreaming about sunnier climes.

Well, how about making that daydream come true, and booking a once in a lifetime getaway to Barbados?

Why Barbados? Well, when you think about your ideal island paradise, Barbados ticks all of the boxes, with its stunning beaches, delicious cuisine and cocktails, and luxury accommodation.

We’re going to take a look at five reasons why you should consider Barbados as your next holiday destination.

The beaches

As you would expect from a Caribbean island, one of the biggest draws of Barbados is its stunning beaches.

Even though it’s a relatively small island, you’ll find the beaches all have their own unique character, from large, sandy white ones to smaller secluded coves, perfect for a romantic picnic.

For example, on the west coast of the island, you’ll find calmer and more relaxing waters where you can chill out with a glass of rum punch and listen to the waves lap against the shore.

On the other hand, on the eastern side of the island you’ll find the famous Soup Bowl reef just off Bathsheba which is a popular surf spot.

The sea

You truly won’t believe the vivid blue of the Atlantic Ocean surrounding Barbados until you see it, and that’s only scratching the surface.

A scuba diving or snorkelling trip is not to be missed when in Barbados, and underneath those crystal clear waters you’ll encounter a whole new world, filled with exotic and colourful marine life, including the majestic sea turtles.

You can also hire out catamaran trips, speedboats and even board the pirate party boat, the Jolly Roger.

The weather

Barbados is sunny and warm all year round, with blue skies almost guaranteed at any time of year.

The temperature rarely drops below 22˚C and rarely exceeds 32˚C, meaning its always pleasantly warm, but not so much that it’s uncomfortable.

The little rain the island does get usually falls during the summer months, although any showers are short lived.

And if you’re at all worried about hurricanes, thankfully Barbados is far enough away from the other Caribbean islands that is usually relatively unaffected, and the last major one to hit was back in 1955.

The scenery

If you can bear to tear yourself away from the beach, the island has so much more to offer if you’re willing to do a bit of exploring.

For example, to the north of the island you’ll find dramatic cliffs, and in the centre you can enjoy the rolling green hills and jungles, as well as historic plantation houses.

There’s also an extensive cave network on the island, with Harrison’s Cave being one of the most popular among visitors, featuring underground waterfalls.

The island is also home to some of the most stunning golf courses in the world, such as the Royal Westmoreland.

The culture

Barbados has a fascinating history, and you get a real feel for this in the people and the architecture, with influences from Spanish, Portuguese and of course, British, culture.

The capital, Bridgetown, is brimming with historic sites, and is even home to its own UNESCO world heritage site, the Garrison, which was built to house British troops back in 1643.

The British influence can be felt throughout the island, especially at the many grand plantation houses which can be visited, but there is also a strong West African influence too, giving the country a really eclectic and vibrant feel.

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Phil Stowers