5 of the Best Hotels in Turks and Caicos

Phil Stowers  —  7:30 pm

A holiday spent in the real life paradise that is the Caribbean country of Turks and Caicos deserves to also be spent in a hotel as awe-inspiring and luxurious as the destination itself. For that reason, here are five of TCI’s best hotels, along with a little of what makes each so special.

1# The Blue Haven Resort

To kick off is the Blue Haven Resort. Located in Providenciales, the most popular region of TCI amongst its tourists, the Blue Haven is one of the Turks and Caicos Islands’ newest and most exciting resorts.

As well as being equipped with all the luxuries expected of a four star hotel, including sumptuous private suites, a choice of onsite eateries, its own spa, gym and gourmet coffee shop café and grocery store, the Blue Haven is as well the only resort in the whole of TCI to boast its very own private marina.

Hence, for unrivalled luxury, amenities and for those arriving via private yacht, the Blue Haven is the perfect choice.

2# The Beach House

The Beach House is one of TCI’s only boutique Hotels, and as such provides the perfect option for those looking for something a little less like a resort and a little more special – in a more characterful but no less luxurious way.

Occupying an enchanting and impressive colonial style beach front mansion house that overlooks Grace Bay, touted as the world’s best beach, the Beach House Resort provides a choice of private suites – many of which also look out over Grace Bay Beach. Meanwhile, its remaining suites overlook TCI’s abundant and exotic countryside and mango groves.

A place with real character and charm as well as providing the highest level of luxury and service, the Beach House is also home to its own onsite restaurant, Kitchen 218 which is well loved and known of in Grace Bay and beyond for serving fantastic lionfish and fresh seafood.

3# COMO Parrot Cay

If neither of the two stunning options described above take your fancy how does a hotel and resort occupying its very own private island sound?

COMO Parrot Cay is not only the name given to a TCI resort but as well the name of a private island in TCI which provides the most popular accommodation amongst the Hollywood glitterati. A favoured holidaying spot with the likes of Justin Bieber and Cara Delevingne, as reported via The Daily Mail article: How celebrity hotspot Parrot Cay got its mojo back, for those looking to spend some serious cash and in return receive unrivalled privacy as well as rent their very own villa in paradise, there is no competition; COMO Parrot Cay is less a resort and more a millionaire’s village glittering in the Caribbean sea.

With a VIP list of regulars and holiday makers gracing its shores though, do not expect to join them for less than a VIP – or ‘very impressive price tag’ to spell it out; the least expensive accommodations booked during the least popular seasons at COMO Parrot Cay begin at around £500 per person per night, and the price rises even more impressively depending on the size and location of the accommodation or villa you opt to stay in. Hence, this is perhaps one TCI resort that is best kept for truly special occasions.

4# The Alexandra Resort

A fantastic option for families holidaying or wishing to holiday in TCI, the Alexandra blends both luxury and low cost, at least considering the high standard of its suites and wealth of onsite amenities, as well as its prime location.

In contrast to COMO Parrot Cay, the Alexandra Resort is self acclaimed as ‘the best value of all the Turks & Caicos resorts’ and certainly does provide by far the best value resort in the massively popular Providenciales Locale which is situated on the world famous Grace Bay Beach.

Then, providing both luxury and yet affordable suites, the Alexandra Resort definitely deserves its place on this top five lo-down, and is a brilliant choice for families looking to head out to TCI for their summer holidays.

5# Amanyara

Amanyara, situated in the TCI region of North West region of Providenciales, is not simply a luxury resort; as explained and celebrated via its website, Amanyara offers an experience and means of enjoying Turks and Caicos in an entirely unique way. Championing yoga and the meditative life, this is the ideal resort for those who are looking for something more than simply luxury and great service in a resort.

For that reason alone it deserves its place as one of TCI’s most brilliant places to stay, especially for those familiar already with TCI and looking for new ways to experience the country as well as those looking to soak up some spirituality as well as sun whilst on holiday.

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Phil Stowers