Things To Do In Rome

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Things To Do In Rome

When it comes to your summer vacation what better place to visit than the city of Rome.

1. Colosseum- Where the mighty Gladiators used to fight .

2. Vatican- The home of the Pope for hundreds of years even though Vatican is in the centre of Rome Vatican is an independent country in fact the smallest in the world.

3. Pantheon- Constructed nearly 2000 years ago Pantheon is one of the most renowned buildings in Rome.

4. Trevi Fountain- A Grand fountain in the centre of Rome you will not find a grander fountain anywhere else.

5. Piazza Del Popolo, Piazza surrounded by beautiful structures in Italian it means people square.

6. Piazza Navona-this is a popular square this was converted 100 Years ago from a stadium into a Piazza.

7. Spanish Steps-probably the most important steps in the world.

8. A visit to the Roman Forum Ruins.

9. Mausoleum Of Hadrian-constructed by the Roman Emperor Hadrian for himself.

10. Trastsevere-visit and experience the local day to day life.


Things To Do In Rome

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