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Switzerland is a beautiful country located in Western Europe. This landlocked country is geographically divided between the Alps, the Swiss plateau and the Jura; with the Alps occupying the greater part of the country. You can find Mother Nature in all her glory in Switzerland. If you want to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Alps, you have to visit Switzerland.

The country has four languages (Swiss German, Italian, Romansch and French). It offers a wide variety of cultures. Switzerland offers something or the other to people belonging to all age groups and to people with different tastes and preferences.

Here is a brief overview of some Swiss attractions.

Even though Berne in the capital of Switzerland, Zurich is its largest city. Guided walking tours are available in English throughout the summer months. It is advisable to visit the old town area (Altstadtbummel).

The ride in the traditional trolley bus enables you to enjoy the spectacular views of the town, mountains and Lake Zurich. Boat rides along the Limmat River is very popular among tourists.

Roman baths offer you a glimpse of Swiss history. They were built more than 2,000 years old. Switzerland is well known for its public observatories. The Urania Observatory offers multi-language shows and is well-known for its enormous telescope.

The Zurich zoo is sure to attract animal lovers. This famous zoo houses more than 2,000 animals, covering around 300 different species. The penguin parades are very popular among children.

If you want to enjoy some really wonderful views of the Alps, you should visit the Valais area. The bus and cable car trip along the Pillon Pass offers you dramatic Alpine sceneries. On a clear day, you can see Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps.

Art lovers must visit Winterthur, a city located in northern Switzerland. You can find beautiful paintings by German, Austrian and Swiss artists in the famous Oskar-Reinhart Foundation Museum.

The Heidi Area in Switzerland is famous for chalets in the mountains, ski lodges and horse-drawn sleight rides. It offers alphorn blowers, beautiful hilly pastures, wood carvings on houses and bridges, waterfalls and glaciers.

Chur is perfect for ski-lovers. It is one of the oldest cities in Switzerland. The famous ski resorts of St. Moritz, Davos and Arosa are located nearby. You can also find Stone Age relics in the archeological museum. If you are visiting Switzerland for skiing only, it is advisable to visit Zermatt.

Switzerland is blessed with immense natural beauty. Rail routes in Switzerland offer you an opportunity to enjoy amazing views of ice-capped mountains, dense forests and beautiful lakes. Golden Pass, Glacier Express, William Tell Express, Bernina Express, Chocolate Train, Palm Express, Mont Blanc Express and Romantic Route Express are some popular scenic rail routes in Switzerland.

Switzerland is well-known for its castles and fortresses. The Chillion Castle, which is located on the shore of Lake Geneva, is the most famous castle in Switzerland. You can enjoy magnificent views of the lake from the castle’s four halls and three courtyards.

The Geneva Jet D’eau is a fountain in the heart of Geneva. It projects water up to 140 meters high and is considered one of the symbols of the city of Geneva. The Piz Gloria is a revolving restaurant on located on top of the Schilthorn Mountain.

Visit to the above-mentioned tourist attractions in Switzerland is sure to make your trip a memorable one.

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