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 Tunisia is located in North Africa. Islam is the official religion of Tunisia and Arabic the official language. Tunis is the capital of Tunisia.

Here is a brief about Tunisia tourism attractions.

Oasis of Chebika

Located in eastern Tunisia, this mountain oasis is well-known for its stunning visuals. Also known as the “Castle of the Sun”, this oasis lies in the foot of the mountains of the Djebel el Negueb.


This city of great historical significance has existed for around 3,000 years. It was a Phoenician colony during the first millennium BC. The Punics and the Romans have left their mark on this city. The archaeological park, the Roman amphitheater and the baths of Gargilius are some attractions of this city.

Bulla Regia

This city is located in northwest Tunisia. This city is well-known for its semi-subterranean houses belonging to the Hadrianic period. You will find many temples, basilicas, baths and villas here.

Chott El Djerid salt lake
Ruins of Carthage, Carthage (Tunisia) – Travel Guide

This location is well-known for its scenic beauty. It is the largest salt pan in the Sahara Desert. You can easily walk across the lake. Viewing the sun shining of the salty surface of the lake is an amazing experience.

Sidi Bou Said

This charming white and blue town is located in northern Tunisia. Many of its cafes overlook the Gulf of Tunis. The town’s narrow alleyways, decorated columns and small courtyards are impressive.

Cafe Delices Sidi Bou Said

Cafe Delices Sidi Bou Said

(By Moumou82 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

Amphitheater of El Djem

El Djem is a town which is well-known for its many Roman ruins. The amphitheater of El Djem is the largest in the region. This structure was built in the third century during the reign of Gordian I.


This historical site is located in northwest Tunisia. You will find marble quarries belonging to the Roman period here. The museum, hilltop sanctuary, marble factory, rock-cut relief and the work camp are some of the popular tourist attractions of this region.


This city is considered holy by followers of Islam. It is the fourth most holy center for Muslims, after Medina, Mecca and Jerusalem. If you want to learn about the country’s Islamic history, you need to visit Kairouan.

Tunisia is a wonderful nation. There is much more to explore and to know about Tunisia. Visit to the above-mentioned Tunisia tourism attractions is an amazing experience.

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