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10 smart and useful travel tips


Travel can be hectic; full of difficulties and risks. One wrong decision can spoil your vacation completely. You may find yourself trapped in a crummy hotel room of a city, an expensive restaurant or an afternoon wasted in a dingy place. In order to have a smooth trip, you need some good planning. If you are a travel enthusiast and nothing gives you more pleasure than travelling, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss about some smart and useful travel tips.

  1. You can read some traveler reviews on the travel websites. Sites such as, and Yahoo! Travel have many useful and helpful tools where you can evaluate restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions of a city or country. By checking the reviews of hotels and tourist attractions in these sites, you can have an idea of where to stay and where to go. You can also join some travel forums where you can interact with other ardent travelers about the places, cities and countries that you wish to travel.


  1. You can use your social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter while you are travelling. Once you are on the road, you can update your status such as “Does anyone know the best shopping destination in New York?” or “Can anyone suggest a good restaurant in Rome?” You would be surprised with the amount of help that you can get instantly.


  1. You must buy travel insurance especially if you are going for expensive trips that are non-refundable. The insurance plan would cover baggage delay and loss, urgent medical expenses and you can regain at least some amount of the price of the trip if your trip gets cancelled at the last moment.


  1. You must do the packing cleverly. It would be best if you can confine your luggage to only one bag. The fewer luggages you have, the more you would be able to enjoy. Figure out the items that you would require for the trip and stick to the list. Try to mix and match your outfits so that you can manage with fewer outfits.


  1. You should never forget the five must-haves of a traveler: (a.) a durable smooth-rolling trolley bag (b.) a nice digital camera (c.) a copy of your passport, visas, insurance policy and credit card number (d.) a Ziploc bag for getting liquids and toiletries through airport security and (e.) duct tape.


  1. Before going for your tour, you must go for a health checkup. Take health precautions and carry any medicine that you may require on the trip.


  1. The laws of the country that you are visiting may seem harsh or weird but you must follow them to avoid any problem.


  1. Keep in touch with your friends and family while you are on the trip.


  1. Book your accommodation before reaching the city or country especially if you are due to arrive late at night.


10. You must secure your luggage well and should not leave your bags with a stranger or disregarded in a public place.


Plan out your itinerary well and enjoy your trip accordingly. Be careful and attentive while you are on your tour. Take safety and health precautions wherever required. And lastly, drop your work and home stress at your city and travel stress free.


10 smart and useful travel tips