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5 Camping Tricks and Hacks for Families

Camping can be a seriously fun way of bringing the entire family together whilst being close to the nature. The very activity of camping is quite exhilarating itself but what makes it truly special are the other added bustles just for an even greater quality family time. Camping with children can primarily be about the sporting happenings so going with a bunch of board games is definitely preferred. Other than the boarding games, hiking, trekking and even water sports will be a great idea as long as the campsite allows all such facilities. It is a great way of bonding and pumping the competitive streak in children whilst inculcating a sense of sportsman spirit in them from a young, impressionable age.


Camping food ideas for the families can be a source of unlimited fun. For those children who are not too excited about going away, this might just be the luring factor. From campfire pizza to s’mores, one can decide what to make as per the choices of the entire family. An ingenuous way of eating tacos with minimal access to amenities can be by stuffing salad into a chips bag directly; something that is surely going to be a big hit. If you are craving pancakes while out in the woods, simple prepare the batter before the departure and store it in piping bags. They can be made within hours on a stove over campfire. Using premade cones can also be a fun way as you can ask your children to add the toppings on them as per their choice and it can turn into a fun activity. Store fun drinks in the cooler just so the heat can be combated tastefully. Homemade granola bars are also a convenient way of battling all the hunger pangs in a jiffy, just make them according to the different food choices of your children.

Sometimes while camping, the entire activity can turn out to be a bit fussy and cause some discomfort for the parents. It is advised to create a portable organizer, a makeshift table with clamps on it where everything can be hung and sorted out. This can also be the go to table for anything important even in case of emergencies. One can hang a first aid kit from it just so everyone knows where to rush to if there is an emergency.

For some added energy and creativity, a great way of being innovative with the children is by making activity bags with certain themes inside them. The children can just grab a pack which can have scavenger hunt items inside it. This is a brilliant way of spending the day together when you have nothing else planned out. Distributing various activity planners inside each bag would definitely keep the element of entertainment and amusement going as it is something that can be done by all family members, young and old alike. Camping is a great way of staying connected so it is advised to go outdoors once in a while as it can be something that your family loves.

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5 Camping Tricks and Hacks for Families

7 Things to Bring On Your Next Camping Holiday

If it’s your first time to camp, you usually learn several practical lessons and ponder upon the things you should have brought along while packing like a water proof jacket. It’s a good thing that camping is now much easier and comfortable because of the items and devices you can bring. This is compared to decades ago when you only have to rely on your instinct and survival skills. Aside from the common camping gears and equipment, you might want to consider bringing these 7 items for a more enjoyable and safer experience on your next camping holiday.

  1. Satellite phone. Emergencies can happen outdoors or when you’re in the wild. If an emergency or dangerous situation occurs, your first response is to move away from that risk or totally withdraw from your camping holiday. Your next best alternative is to call for help. But there are always remote areas where there’s no cellular coverage. This is where a satellite phone becomes useful since it’s not dependent on cellular coverage to work.
  2. Insect repellant. The next practical item you shouldn’t forget to bring is an insect repellant which is usually sold in the lotion or cream form. If you haven’t been able to sleep while camping before because of insects, this should be the quick solution. Aside from comfort in sleeping, it also prevents insect attacks while you’re working or simply enjoying the outdoors.
  3. Sleeping bag. Just like insect repellants, a sleeping bag can prevent insects from bothering you. But aside from this function, it can also help save your life. Imagine if a snake or any other wild animal manages to sneak in your tent, the sleeping bag can conceal you and show animals that you’re not really a good midnight snack.
  4. Waterproof gear. Weather can change almost instantly. So if you don’t want to catch a cold or sleep on your chilly and wet clothes, bring with you some waterproof gear and clothes. This should include your bag, boots, pants, raincoat, and water proof jacket for men or ladies.
  5. Personal hygiene kit. Personal hygiene while camping is a must to maintain your health. Plus, you certainly won’t like to go back in the city looking, feeling, and smelling bad. Bring with you your basic hygiene kit which includes soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toiletries, etc.
  6. Multi-tool or Swiss knife. Another simple yet useful item you should bring is a multi-purpose tool or the more popular Swiss knife. Knife is an essential for outdoor survival like hunting food or gathering items you need in the wild. Other essential functionalities that should be included in your tool or Swiss knife include the can opener, mini saw, scissors, etc.
  7. Solar powered lamps or lights. Although you can create an outdoor fire, you can’t always rely on it especially when it’s raining. There are also camping grounds or natural parks that prohibit campfires. This makes it essential for you to bring lighting devices. To avoid battery shortages, just bring with you solar powered lamps or lights that can recharge during the day.