Best Foods To Eat In Bangor Northern Ireland

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Best Foods To Eat In Bangor Northern Ireland

If you’re into good food then today I will be giving you some cases in Bangor Northern Ireland to get absolutely amazing food. If you like me you will probably take notions about the food you want at any time, this of course might vary depending on your mood. First I will talk about somethings you might want to eat for your lunch here are a few alternatives.


1. A visit to Marks& Spencer in the Bloomfield shopping centre Bangor, okay this one isn’t exactly your normal fast food or a restaurant. But I thought I shouldn’t leave it out as it is quick and convenient for anyone looking a tasty lunch for a picnic or outing, or even to just take home. One of my favourite things are the Moroccan Hummos topped with chickpeas they also have a great variety of salads other dips sandwiches wraps and deserts.Best Foods To Eat In Bangor Northern Ireland. As far as drinks go I love their coconut water under coconut water with melon juice. Unfortunately a lot of their other drinks are all completely full with sugar. (Vegan Food Available)


2. McBrides on the  Square although this is not technically in Bangor it is only about 35 minutes drive from Bangor situated in the main square in Comber County Down. They do absolutely amazing traditional Irish dinners it is a family run business and the food  is always beautiful. (2 Vegan Dishes Available)


3. Lynns in Francis Street Newtownards Good Old-fashioned chippy food, once again this place is not located in Bangor but about 20 minutes drive away in Newtownards, this is the place I used to  go to for my lunch when I was still at school. If you are into chippy food and or fish and chips then you will find their food very good. You might want to order the chips with curry sauce onions peas and mushrooms. (Vegan Food Available)



Bangor Curry house this is a new Indian restaurant and takeaway that this just opened in Ballyholme in Bangor County Down, it is owned by the proprietor of the Bokhara Indian Indian takeaway in Holywood County Down. The Bokhara was originally an award winning Indian restaurant and takeaway and I have been going there for many years to enjoy their delicious foods. Bangor Curry House opened  last weekend I went there on Saturday to get a takeaway and it was completely packed. Although I had to wait for a little while the food was exactly the same as in the Bokhara.  Some of the customer’s favourite dishes include chicken tikka masala, chicken tikka biryani, beef Rogan, nan bread and they make an amusing chicken pakora starter with garlic sauce which is very nice wrapped and Nan bread with salad. So if you like Indian food then Bangor Curry House is definitely the place for you.(Vegan Food Available)SCAN0013


Bawon Asian Takeaway  This takeaway was originally situated on the Upper Newtownards Road in Belfast and was called the Orient, it won awards for it’s cooking more than 1 year in a row. They sold that business and setup Bawon in Ballyholme Bangor a couple of years later it is located on the Groomsport Road in Bangor County Down.   They have quite a few very tasty dishes I recommend their Sate dishes, they also make an amazing Malaysian Curry which I would highly recommend this well. The only dish I ever got in this place which I didn’t like was the Thai red curry which didn’t taste like it was Thai. But if you’re looking for a really nice tasty Asian food then this is definitely one place you want to try out.


Thai Tanic Thai and Asian food is situated in High Street in Bangor I was told about it on Saturday by a very happy customer. And I had no idea there was anywhere to eat Thai food in Bangor as it is one of my favourite foods. So I will be going there within the next few days it is actually a takeaway  and on their menu they also offer a Thai Home Cooking Class where they will come out and cook in your home as long as there is a minimum of 4 people.



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