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6. Car, van, coach and bus rental in Rome


If you’re traveling in a group of between four and 69 passengers, whether on a school, corporate or private tour, why not consider hiring a luxury bus or coach to explore Rome? This way, travelling from the airport on your arrival, and through Rome for the duration of your stay, right up to travelling back to the airport on your return journey home, is all taken care of. You are sorted with transport for the duration of your trip. And this can also work out to be a very reasonably priced option.



Best of all, you can arrange transport for the entire trip before you travel, giving you one less thing to worry about while you’re on holiday. Before you leave, you can arrange airport transfers to and from one of the two airports in Rome as well as plan itineraries for day tours or sightseeing trips in and around this famous city. So, by the time you go on holiday all you have to do is relax and enjoy yourselves.


Reputable vehicle hire companies usually offer a choice of vehicles to suit the size of the group. So, you can choose from a choice of sedans carrying up to five passengers, a minivan for up to 21 passengers, a mid-sized bus that seats a maximum of 43 people or a coach (even a double-decker if need be) for up to 69 people.


How to arrange coach hire in Rome

The most important thing to remember is to choose a reputable rental company that offers a wide selection of vehicles so that you can find exactly the right size car, bus or minivan to suit your group. Also, reputable companies not only offer excellent vehicles, but they also offer excellent service. And when you’re paying good money to hire a big car, minivan, coach or bus for the group, you except good service as part of the package.


Why renting a bus or coach in Rome is such a great travel option

  • You can arrange everything before you leave so that when you arrive it’s all pre-arranged and you can relax and have fun
  • Vehicle hire for a group is more affordable than hiring different modes of transport for airport transfers, sightseeing tours, special trips and taxi fares to different destinations in Rome
  • By organising the trips beforehand, you can make sure you are on time wherever you go
  • Using a reputable coach and vehicle rental company means you’re paying less for reliable vehicles and services. Vehicles will be recent, not old models, offering comfort (air-conditioning and comfy seats) and safety (seat belts, excellent brakes, etc) as well as entertainment (entertainment systems)
  • You can personalise the vehicle to suit the size of the group
  • Airport transfers to Rome’s two airports – Fiumicino (30km away) and Ciampino (12km from Rome) – can be expensive if done individually. By hiring a bus, minivan or coach, you’re saving a fortune and you’re guaranteed arriving on time to take your flight, and being fetched timeously, too
  • There are so many exciting sights to see in Rome, and you will have transport to visit all of them, saving you time, hassle and money.